Repeat group with condition checked per repeat

Hi ODK Community,

For ODK1.x, I understand that when using xlsforms, if I don't specify a repeat_count for a repeat_group, the form will prompt at the end of the group if I want to add another entry; is there a way to make the prompt automatically choose yes/no based some calculation or variable?

In essence, I would like the repeat group to check a condition (i.e. a variable/calculation) before repeating again; based on the condition, the form would either "break out" of the repeat group or repeat once more.

Thanks for the help!

I can't think of a way to do what you are asking and your general options are detailed in this previous post: How do I break out of a repeat group with a personalized message?

If you want to be a little fancier, you can also put a note inside the repeat that is relevant when the condition is met to alert the user to say no to the repeat prompt.

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Hi yanokwa,

Ill take a look at the linked post; thanks for your response!