Select_multiple choices, then rank the selected choices

I would like to select items/choices with select_multiple.
If more than one option was selected in the select_multiple, then a subsequent question (rank widget) should appear to rank the selected choices in the select_multiple question.
How can I do this?

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Please the attached example. Hope this helps.

example.xlsx (11.4 KB)

Thank you!
With this I can make the rank question appear when more than one option is selected, by including all the possible combinations.
Do you also know I can only include the selected options in the rank question?


Hie Svenja How can you only include only the selected options in the rank question?

You can filter rank choices the same way you filter select_one or select_multiple choices! In your XLSForm, write a choice_filter for the rank question. This filter should only match options which were selected in the select_multiple question. You can use the selected function for this. It will look something like selected(${your-select-q}, name). name refers to the name column in the choices sheet.

Please see this sample form for a working example.