Set color to polygons/geoshapes - select_one from map choice

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This feature works very well to display points and geoshapes.
Color coding and symbols are possible for points.
Anyone tried assigning color geoshapes?
also remove those points on geoshape boundaries.

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Agreed that they look editable right now! @Matt_Berg and others have also highlighted this issue and we'll remove the node markers in the next release.

That's not currently supported. We could add further support for geojson simple style. We haven't yet because it's more complexity and because it doesn't feel quite right. Often, form designers would rather set coloring rules based on other properties rather than having to explicitly configure each specific feature. In your case, can styling be directly determined from other properties?

I've moved your post to the Features category so we can learn more about the need.

Great to hear that removing the node markers is already planned.
Regarding assigning the color to Geoshape, I was thinking if same logic as assigning color to point can be used. At least for the polygons which are loaded via csv file.

hello all,

I have a native android developer in my team who does minor modifications in ODK collect APP.
Any possibility that someone guide us on the part that requires coding. Task is to change the color of the polygon based on the input value set to each polygon in CSV in ODK collect codebase?

Actually same developer wrote code to load polygon data from csv and set colors based on the value set. This was some time before the release of the map based Select_one option enabled for polygon.
Limitation in or current feature is information on polygon click is not there and in ODK collect on playstore no color setting option.

Thanks in advance