Side slider bar not able to be moved manually in long pick-list of ODK Collect

Hi. I can't get the scroll/slider bar on the right side of the page on a long pick-one list to scroll. I can see it, just can't get it to move by touching and sliding it. Works on old phone but not this one - Oppo A57 with Android 6.01. using ODK Collect 1.11.1. Screen shot attached. Slider bar is at top right. I've tried restart and using on several versions of ODK Collect. I boought the phone specially to run this app.

Form is available at:

Thanks for any help.


Sorry you're experiencing this! Can you please attach the XLSForm and CSV here? Aggregate doesn't make it possible to download media attachments and it's possible (though not super likely) that something in the file is causing the problem. You may not have had enough "seniority" to attach files before but I think you will be able to now. Alternately you can post a link to files hosted on Google Drive or something like that. With that info, we'll try to find a developer who can reproduce the problem and hopefully find a fix.

Thanks Helene,
XLSForm and CSV attached here. ERA_SiteFloraApp_BriefExternal_XLSForm2.xml (3.7 KB)
itemsets.csv (14.9 KB)


@MikeThorsen is this only part of your list? If so, how many records does your full list have? I'm wondering whether maybe it's having trouble fully loading on your device?

I can't reproduce but I've filed an issue at and hopefully someone will be able to get to the root of it. Unfortunately it's really hard to fix issues until they can be reproduced.

In the mean time, one thing you may want to try is seeing if removing the quick appearance could help.

Hi Helene, the full list is about 5,000. Works using get_external, but slow on old phone (hence new phone, which is much quicker). Forgot to say I did try with a smaller list of 20 choices and without the quick appearance.

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Ahh, you are good at troubleshooting. Thanks for all that extra info.

This is not related to your question but I think you will find it helpful. I notice that your form starts with a repeat popup which can be strange to users. I bet you would prefer to start immediately with your questions and only ask after one plant has been identified whether the user wants to add another. If so, you can do that by removing jr:template="" from species_repeat directly in the XML. You can do this as the last step after you have converted your form and before you upload it.

For the curious, jr:template makes it possible to have default values for repeats that users can override. By default XLSForm makes all repeats this way. More at

Hi @MikeThorsen
I'm not sure if I understand your problem. You said:

I can see it, just can’t get it to move by touching and sliding it

Does that mean you try to scroll touching the bar? Like here (blue bar):

If so, probably the bar is too small in your case (or our fingers are too big). I wasn't able to scroll touching only the bar too, but you can still scroll touching the screen like here:

is this your problem? Doesn't it work only when it comes to the bar?


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Thanks Gregorz, yes I do mean like your blue bar example. I can scroll by pulling the screen up and down, but this is slow when there are a lot of entries in the pick list (I think 3,000 in my external dataset). On my old phone I can touch the slider and pull down to near the right place which is surprisingly quick and easy.

Maybe the slider is positioned to far to the right and therefore much of it is outside the touchable area of the phone?


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Thanks Helene - I knew there was a more elegant way of doing it and I was starting to look at other options. Your advice saved me a lot of work!

I will post a comment on select_one_external as there are a few things about the web documentation that are unclear - that it has to be a cascading select and that the prior select choices also have to be on the external_choices tab as well as the choices tab that might make it easier for people to understand.


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Maybe you should use autocomplete appearance in that case?

Thanks Grzegorz, I will certainly try autocomplete, but will also need to be able to use the slider bar as autocomplete will take lots of brain power and will still result in a number of entries to choose from.

Hmmm, I added autocomplete, and that does not load a search box in ODK collect. Strange.

Here is the new XLS Form ERA_SiteFloraApp_BriefExternal_XLSForm4.xml (4.0 KB) and Media File itemsets.csv (674.1 KB)


Ohh sorry my bad autocomplete doesn't work with external itemsets.

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