Some columns are missing when data is imported to powerBI using OData

when I use OData to import data from ODK to PowrBi, some columns do not show up in PowerBI. what could be the issue?

Here is a post from the forum about missing fields when pulling data from Central into Power BI:

I think your issue might be similar to an issue with connecting Power BI to KoBo and columns without data not being included in initial data pull configuration.

How are you importing the data into PowerBI? Are you using the wizard, M, DAX? All of these have their quirks! However, if you're using the wizard (PowerQuery), you may need to expand the columns before you load them. In the Power Query Editor you are able to expand columns, for example at the Source step you may see a column such as Data (as an example). On the right hand side of that column header, you may see something that looks like two arrows heading up and then splitting left and right. Click on that to Expand that column and follow the wizard (I generally unclick the "Use original column name as prefix" option. There are many Youtube tutorials on PowerQuery online - this may be a starting point for solving your issue!


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Oh, this was a duplicate question...