Submitted data not publishing on google sheet

Hi, my data when submitted are not publishing to google sheet, it keeps showing ACTIVE_PAUSE or Restart Publisher - Paused and when I log into my google console I keep seeing this error "org.opendatakit.aggregate.exception.ODKExternalServiceException: java.lang.NullPointerException
at org.opendatakit.aggregate.externalservice.GoogleSpreadsheet.insertData ("

All required APIs are enabled, my quotas are not exceeded and a billing account is added to the GCP platform.

Please help me out.

@Farouq What version of Aggregate (e.g., v1.7.1 on App Engine) are you running? Have you tried creating a new publisher with the admin account (instead of the anonymousUser)?

I am using v1.6.1 and yes, I have tried publishing with the admin account and still getting the same error.

Hello Farouq,

I'm possibly experiencing the same problem you just described in this thread.
Were you able to establish a cause and solution to your issue?
Please let me know when you can - it might be able to help me.