Submitted data not received in ODK Aggregate

Currently I am conducting house hold survey for around 8000 house household. The enumerator collected data and they submitted the collected data. The submission is successfully submitted from the mobile device. When I checked in ODK aggregate, some of the submitted data is not in aggregate database. What might be the problem. I am in serious problem.

My ODK Aggregate is hosted in google cloud and we are using ODK collect v1.12.2 and ODK Aggregate v1.4.12 Production.

How Can I fixed this problem.


This is quite unusual. Please check the setting of the mobile client (ODK collect). If the settings are set to manual submissions, some data may be sitting on the data collection device.


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@umesh and @iamnarendrasingh have you looked to see if any of them might be incomplete? Read more at Missing exported data.

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Thank you LN. All the missing data are in incomplete section with mark complete button. But i am wondering that how it went to as an incomplete. From ODK Collect it is impossible to send incomplete data. If you have any idea.

Great that all the submissions are there, @umesh!

Do you have several media attachments for this form? Is Aggregate running on AppEngine (that is, do you have a URL)? Are any of the submissions missing media attachments? I believe that it can be possible for Collect to send all of the data but for Aggregate not to receive all of it due to connectivity or concurrency issues.