Swedish language of ODK Collect

Hi! I was just wondering what the status of the Swedish translation is for ODK collect, or who best to connect with regarding this? I was talking with a user this morning who is doing data collection in Swedish-speaking locations, and would like the app settings to be in Swedish. It is an option in the app language - however, when we switched the language to Swedish, everything stayed in English - I checked out the Transifex site, and it looks like 69% of the translation is done, similar to Ukrainian, however, when I chose Ukrainian, it looked like lots of the app was coming up in Ukrainian, but when choosing Swedish, everything stayed in English, so just thought I'd check if there was an issue there.

As described in Contributing translations we use Transifex to manage our translations. According to that tool, ~70 strings should be translated into Swedish.

Of course, you can contribute. At the beginning of march, we are going to release a new version of ODK COllect so then we could add new translations too.

Hi @Grzesiek2010 thank you. Yes - I'd seen this on Transifex as well - I was just wondering if there was an issue - as when I choose the Swedish language in the ODK collect - nothing appears translated - are you able to replicate this in your ODK app? e.g., everything remains in English even though the Swedish translation is selected?

I think this user would most likely be able/happy to contribute to the language translation, however, we were just wondering if there was a problem in the current translation?


Hmm, right it seems like there is something wrong in Collect. Thanks for reporting I'm on it.


Ok, I've identified the problem and fixed it. It will be included in v2023.1 which we are going to release in March.
The problem was not only with Swedish but also with a few other languages so thanks again for reporting the issue @janna.


Thanks so much @Grzesiek2010! I'll pass this on, but again, huge thank you for following up on this, great to hear!

We have a beta rolling out now that addresses this. Please give it a try if you can and confirm that all looks as expected (more at ODK Collect v2023.1 Beta: select traces and shapes from map, Google Drive deprecation banner).

We are looking at a release late next week or early the following week. There's still time to translate the remaining 225 Swedish strings at https://www.transifex.com/getodk/collect/language/sv_SE/!