Synchronise data from ODK server to OpenHDS?

Hello odk users, me and my friend has installed OPENHDS server and odk server, and deployed them. We've form in ODK HOW TO LINK THEM WITH OPENHDS?

Hi Abdoulaye Diallo,

would you please tell me what do you mean by link them

and what the propose of linking.

Best Regards

Welcome to the forum @abdoul! In addition to providing more details, please feel free to post your question in a language other than English if you prefer. Someone on the forum probably also speaks it. Or sometimes Google Translate can be used if needed. We also encourage new users to post and introduction to Introduce yourself here! and add a profile picture. I hope someone can help answer your question!

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Merci d'avoir répondu à ma question. En fouillant sur google j'ai vu les choses sont très compliqué à mon niveau. Du fait que je viens juste d'installer ODK build et ODK Aggregat (PostgreSQL et Tomcat).
Je voudrais savoir les étapes pour déployer la base de donnée ODK et OpenHDS qui sont dans mon WAMP dans Tomcat?
Après avoir déployer ces deux base de données je veux une fois le formulaire envoyé dans ODKAggregate je puisse le lié avec OpenHDS.

Merci, j'espere que suis compréhensible. je suis débutant.

Bonjour @abdoul. Si je comprends bien, vous voulez établir un flux de données comme celui décrit dans ce schéma, c'est bien ça? Et vous avez installé Aggregate avec succès et voulez maintenant installer OpenHDS et connecter les deux systèmes?

@aurdipas I notice that you are one of the authors on the paper that this diagram comes from and one of the developers of OpenHDS! Do you know where @abdoul could find documentation for setting up such a system? @Cleopas_Hwinya I see you also use OpenHDS so perhaps you have ideas too.


Hi @LN, yes I'm one of the authors and of the paper and one of the main developers of OpenHDS.

Bonjour @abdoul. Vous pouvez trouver le manuel openHDS et les informations pour la configuration dans le GitHub repository suivant:

Pour obtenir de l'aide sur OpenHDS, Ă©crivez Ă



Merci beaucoup, j'avais trouvé le manuel de OPENHDS dans github, je l'utilise j'arrive à me retrouvé peu à peu.
Merci pour votre aide

Merci, content de vous rencontrer dans ce forum.

In our case we are using ODK and OpenHDS and we push data between the two using mirth connect i will send you the manual

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If the manual is something you can share publicly, please post a link so others can benefit.

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Please find below the link to the manual as requested


you will have to use MirthConnect to validate data form odk database.. this data will then be processed by mirthconnect and sent to opehds database..
I can help deploy the system


Hello, I have odk and openhds setup on 3 servers which are currently runing but I get error "FAILED TO CONNECT TO OPENHDS ENTITIES" on two of the three servers when i'm syncing the data onto the tablet. At first I thought it was the TASK under the routine utility but it seems Otherwise. I would be grateful if you could help me out.

Good evening @Cleopas_Hwinya. I hope you are well. I just saw your speech and I'm really interested in your words. I would like you to explain to me in practice please, in your own words, how you do the transfer of your data from ODK to Openhds using Mirth Connect. I have read (translating) the manual but I confess that I did not understand the method. Thank you for helping me understand

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Hello auridpas
am trying to synchronize data from openhds server to openhds application on table but it says Failed to collect openhds Entities so what will be the solution?
it stop and say the error I mention above while it is trying downloading locationhierarchy

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Can you send your locationhierarchy ?