Taking a photo in the form

Hello community ..

how can i access the users camera to take a snapshot of a form and its uploaded immediately , so i have only been able to activate the image upload field as seen below

In your survey worksheet, make sure you have 'image' in the type column, image_widget in the name column, and 'Image widget' in the label column. However, if you have already done this and the problem still persists, you can try the form on a different android device with a different android version.

Hi @cliff, are you using an URL web link to access the form, or are you filling it out using ODK Collect?

thanks @Eahenschel ,,,,

i have already done this though it still persists

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hello @danbjoseph am using the URL web link(google sheet form)

If you use Collect you will have the option to open the camera. The browser-based form does not have the same functionalities when opened on an Android device. Also, since you mention Google Sheets, if you have not seen the announcement, please note that Collect will stop connecting to Google Drive/Sheets in Fall 2023.