The new ODK site is live!

Following the discussion we had last week at Should renaming come before the website launch?, we launched the ODK site yesterday and it should now be available globally at!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this process and special thanks to @adammichaelwood, @downey, @Jeff_Beorse, @LN, @martijnr, @tomsmyth, @W_Brunette for going above and beyond in helping the site actually launch.

The site is a work in progress, so please review it and file issues! If you are looking for ways to help, click on good first issue or help wanted and jump in.

@W_Brunette and I will continue to work on the high priority issues (e.g., fixing redirects, cleaning up the software page) over the next few days and then I think we can put this news as part of a broader community announcement that goes out to everyone on the forum. What does the @website-wg think?


@yanokwa and @all the one who contributed to the new odk website: Congratulation! Awesome work.


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a huge thank you to everyone who has worked on the website! it is really awesome and very helpful!

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Lots of blessings to the team for the great job

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Thanks to all the team, I do like this innovation.

I like 'The standard for mobile data collection' as a good tagline

I think the distinction between ODK1&2 is well explained for the layman too