There is no longer a Google server option

Hello, I have been using the old 2022 version of ODK Collext for some time now. Since then I haven't made any more updates, so today when I went to make an update, I noticed that there is no longer the option to use the Google server to load forms and submit forms, could anyone explain to me what happened and why it happened? I already have several forms created in my Google Drive account. I would like to use these forms that I have already created in XML to include in updated applications, but there is no longer the option to choose A Google account in ODK collect. If it is not possible in this latest version 2023.3.1, could someone please tell me which download version is available so that I can still continue using Google Sheet to submit my forms. thank you very much

See Collect will stop connecting to Google Drive/Sheets in Fall 2023.

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