Things you didn't know about ODK

Hi everyone,

I've made a new video:

I thought it would be interesting to cover 10 things (at least I didn't know originally) about ODK. The kind of things that new / prospective users might be wondering about before they get more involved. Felt like making a different type of video too.

This is also a call to the community to suggest other tips, 'hidden' features or working practices that could help others, then I'll make a follow up video with another 10 tips. I've probably got about 3-4 ideas based on going through the forum already but do let me know if you have suggestions.


PS: Shout out to the video editor software used: Shotcut - also open source, would recommend


Love the video!!!! :slight_smile: Really appreciate the tremendous amount of time you must have put in to putting it together. I can’t wait for the next one (and more cat spoilers...haha).

BTW, you could use string-length(), instead of jumping in the deep end with regex()... :wink:

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Well, string-length() will be going in the next one then! Thanks! Cat spoilers probably too!

Well, "The Curse of NaN" is something that pretty reliably keeps tripping up newcomers to XForms/XPath. We regularly have to explain why this happens - and how to address it - in the Forum. Its now been documented in Form Logic Gotchas, but perhaps in this age of YouTube a short video clip explaining the relevant aspects of XPath expression evaluation might reach a broader audience? :slight_smile:

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