Too small and ugly radio buttons/checkboxes

I am working on an applications for handicapped and elderly patients. They can handle tablet reasonably, but there is an eternal problem: Radio and checkboxes are MUCH too small and it is difficult to see when they are selected.

Bootstrap has buttons that slightly better, even if the color choice on the demo page is useless. RedCap has implemented perfect versions in their mobile platform which is build on Enketo (correct me when I am wrong).

The current version of ODK Collect has just-acceptable radio buttons when one chooses list-label, but the default version is tiny and squashed. Is there a setting where I can at least get the list-label size for the default radio buttons and checkboxes? MUCH bigger and color background on selection as in RedCap would be better still, but that's a major change.

Hi @dmenne

There is no option in ODK Collect to change radio buttons / checkboxs size, you can only set text size in general settings but that's all.

When it comes to that squashed buttons we know about this issue. I have noticed that only on one device and you are the first user reporting it so it must be a device/os specific issue. Could you tell us what device an android version you use?

This was on a Lenovo-Tablet Android 5.01. We use it because it is a sample of older tablet out in the wild. Looks good on more recent Smartphones.

Nevertheless, I do not like the pre-historical buttons and have created a feature request.

We fallow material design:

and according to that it's the way we should use selects.
Have you tried our no-butons appearance? Maybe it's not that fancy like what you attached in Better Radio buttons and checkboxes but it's closer to that.

I admit that material design is not my favorite. Today's material design is tomorrow's Comic Sans.

Nevertheless, thanks for pointing me to no-buttons. It's a compromise, I will check it with the users. Making it color-inverted would probably make it better visible.

Is there a reference that lists these special buttons? I only found @lognaturel's developer post (, but it requires a bit of reading.

I did a few preliminary usage tests. Problem with the no-buttons appearance is that people think it is the currently selected field, waiting for an action:"What should I do to make it really accept yes?".

RedCap's radiobuttons and checkboxes are a good compromise, playing nicely with material design.

That no-buttons one is relatively new and might be not well documented so the best way is to try it on your own.

"The no-buttons one is relatively new"....

August 2018, I suppose :slight_smile:

It was merged in April 2019 but still time flies :slight_smile: