Towards more consistent UI in Collect - 2018-12-07

I want to invite the community to join a few of us (including our friends from Pivotal Act) who will be discussing improvements to ODK Collect's UI.

The call will be mostly non-technical and everyone is welcome. The proposed agenda is:

  • Discuss spacing, sizing, icons, colors in the Collect UI and a list of changes we can make to get a more consistent and maintainable UI.
  • If we have time, improve guidelines/process that we can use to specify/review the UX/UI of features.

The call will be held at and we will put the notes, audio, and transcript of this call in this document.

The call will be Wednesday, December 7th from 16–17 UTC (see in your time zone). Will you be there?

  • I will be there!
  • I can't make it this time, but I'm interested in calls like this

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Alas! I'll be in flight during this time. I'm keenly interested in this topic, though, and looking forward to finding out how this discussion goes. If there is any useful way for non-attendees to contribute, I'd be glad to know (e.g. doing the pre-meeting widget exercise and putting our feedback in a document?)

@zestyping I suppose if you have a high-level idea of how we can make the UI more consistent and a plan for getting there, writing that up and sharing it here would be amazing. If it's more than a paragraph or two, then a link to a Google Doc would be good and I'll make sure attendees get a chance to read through said document before the call.

I'm also hoping this is the first of a series of calls to clean up the UI in Collect, so there will be other chances.

@yanokwa I've done a quick review and written up my notes here. I don't have a plan for moving forward yet, but I've included a few personal recommendations with my observations. I hope this starts some helpful or interesting conversations!

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We had a great call on the Collect UI and, for those of you who are interested, I'd encourage you to review the notes and audio at

As far as next steps, we'll be reviving the Collect UI/UX project board at and putting together plan of attack that takes on the low-hanging feedback from Pivotal and Ping.


We'll be having a follow on call on this topic next week. The details are at Towards more consistent UI in Collect - 2019-01-25.