Track language of entry in online ODK collect

Dear fellow ODK folks
I have a bunch of forms deployed online and offline in multiple languages on ODK central. One of them is a contact form, where participants fill out with their phone number (among other things) and then my study assistants call them back. Is there a way for my study assistants to know what language they'll be speaking?
In other words: how may I track which language participants had selected when they were submitting the form? Or do participants have to select their language AND explicitly enter which language they speak as one of the questions?
I found this previous post, but I think this is about ODK collect... And I have not found if or where the selected language of submission is saved. In the metadata?
Thanks for any insights!

Does the audit log contain the language choice?

Failing that, a separate select one question could be "what language would you like to be contacted in".

I do not find any (audit) log with this information...
So I will stick with the question for now.

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The audit is a separate metadata kind you can add to the the form definition :slight_smile:

Thanks @Florian_May
If you don't mind, please can you share a link or way to do this?
I have found this exchange which suggests that it was not possible in January 2021, and otherwise do not find under "form audit logging"

Are you using XForms? In a week or so, audit will come to ODK Build.

For XLSForm, use

This is assuming that the audit captures form language choices. Otherwise you'll need a new question after all.

Hope this helps!