Unable to fill blank form with auto send enabled

I have the exact same issue.
Unable to fill blank form with auto send enabled as the loading screen comes up for quite some time until the pending entry gets sent.
For me reducing the image size hasn't helped either.
It should not impede form filling tbh if the uploading is done in the background. Weird behavior!

@Saad_Ahmad What version of ODK Collect are you using? And what server and hosting platform (e.g., Aggregate on App Engine) are you using?

Using Kobo Collect v.1.14.0a. the latest version as of this writing. The sever is Kobo (humanitarian response) as well.

Sample video of the issue

Kobo Collect is a year old fork of ODK Collect. If you need help with it, ask at https://www.kobotoolbox.org.

Oh. I had no idea it was that old. I thought it worked on the same engine under the hood as the latest ODK Collect.
Thanks for informing and the prompt feedback. Will seek help from Kobo guys.

Kobo Collect is a exact copy of ODK Collect but with a name and icon change, so you can also uninstall it, install ODK Collect and see if you are having the same problem.

Let us know if you try ODK Collect and run into the same problem. And welcome to the ODK forum, @Saad_Ahmad! We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

Hi @danbjoseph and @yanokwa and others.
I am the lead data analyst at a research consultancy in Pakistan.
I've transitioned my company to using ODK based tools, mainly Kobotoolbox for it's tight integration and Enketo option, because of it's advanced capabilities compared to common survey tools.
I will add a picture soon. Away from my laptop rn.
As for the switch to ODK Collect. My project is currently live and I cannot risk the switch at this stage as it will cause some delay in the data collection.
But I will switch for the next project and update all here.

You can use ODK Collect to get, fill, and send forms for a survey hosted on the KoboToolbox servers. You just need to set the URL, username, and password correctly in the app on the phone.


I have switched to ODK Collect with Kobo as the server and it's working fine but as for the initial issue, I will test and let you know.
That project has ended with a workaround though.