Unable to finalize and send a form

Hello, I am seeing this same error and unable to finalize and send a form. Any ideas? I am using a managed QR code and do not have the option to delete a blank form (or to even check if there is more than 1 of the forms with same version #). Thanks

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Hello, I am having a similar issue, however, I have use the managed QR code and do not have the option to delete blank forms. Can you advise?

I resolve the same issue through this method
Go to Admin Settings > Reset application... and delete ONLY blank forms. You need to be careful here not to delete saved forms. Then each device will need to download only the latest version of your form and it should then be possible to open, finalize, and send the saved forms.


ошибка сервер Enketo не работает или код 500
не могу отправлять опросов с Kobo Toolbox

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Your issue sounds like a server issue with Kobotoolbox. You will get better responses from the Kobotoolbox forums.