Uploading csv attachment to odk central

Please i have installed ODK Central on Amazon Ws. I am uploading a form with a csv attachment but I don't know how the csv attachment could be uploaded. I don't see a media button after uploading the form. I only see status and testing

Hi @arazak584! If Central thinks your form uses a CSV attachment or other attachment, it will show a "Media Files" tab between Status and Testing. If you're not seeing that tab, that means that Central thinks your form doesn't use attachments. If you're able to share your form, it would be helpful to see that. How does your form use the CSV attachment?

cwp_Househould_survey-14.xlsx (125.8 KB)
Please attached is the xlsform and csv attachments.ethnic.csv (1.4 KB) list.csv (21.8 KB)

I'm seeing values in the appearance column that look like this:

search('list', 'matches', 'region', ${ctrl_region});minimal

However, the XLSForm documentation suggests:

If the field should use a non-default appearance style. The non-default appearance style goes into the column first, followed by a space, then the search() expression. [e.g., quick search()]

What happens if you use that format instead for the appearance?

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