USAID - Ghana National Reading Radio Program (NRRP)

In the bid to respond to the effect of COVID-19 on Ghana's education system, USAID Partnership for Education: Learning Program in July 2020 introduced Reading Radio Program. Learning how to read using the phonics-based approach was translated to lessons on the radio for early graders in Primary 1-3. To measure fidelity of implementation and track the listenership of the program, we used ODK tools to collect baseline data and set the tone for the airing of the program. We trained 200 School Improvement Support Officers (SISO) to conduct the household survey and learner assessment. The radio lessons were monitored with phone surveys of parents and guardians whose mobile phone numbers were collected during the distribution worksheets developed for the learners. We conducted 9 rounds of phone surveys in a space of 18 months. We trained about 800 SISOs to conduct phone surveys using ODK tools. We took midline and endline data before December 2021 and the results proved that learners who listened to the radio program improved their reading skills by an astonishing 57% increase over 18 months. Thanks to the use of ODK tools to conduct the FOI monitoring, at the last review by USAID over the last 10 years of investing in education across the world, Ghana's literacy program was adjudged the best (Retrospective Report). I am a proud member of the team that made a huge impact in the shortest possible time. We making strives to make ODK the number data collection platform in Ghana Education Service.


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