Use Briefcase for command Line pull from Central

We use CLI a lot to build briefcase data pulls into R.
We are looking to switch to Central.
We use form level encryption.
We have say 10+ forms that together constitute a dataset.
We have this all automated so you run a script and briefcase triggers and a big analysis occurs.

Is there an equivalent CLI to point briefcase at a central Server so we can equally automate multi form pull from Central?

Yes. Recent versions of Briefcase have Central CLI push/pull support.

Try the latest beta at ODK Briefcase v1.17 Beta.

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For URL in the CLI call do we specify:
(as it appears in the server URL)

and/or is there a new command parameter to specify this? (its not currently described in the documents)

@dr_michaelmarks if your target is to access ODK Central from R: ruODK does it without ODK Briefcase/Java dependency. See also the comparison with other tools at the bottom of the Readme.


@dr_michaelmarks Looks like the docs aren't up-to-date. They will when the beta is over.

You can usually run java -jar ODK-Briefcase-v1.17.0-beta.0.jar --help to get the command flags.

To push all forms in the storage directory, you'd run the following.

java -jar ODK-Briefcase-v1.17.0-beta.0.jar --push_central --storage_directory /my/storage/dir --odk_url --project_id 1 --odk_email --odk_password mysecretpassword```
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