Use VSCode or Np++ to edit long XLSForm notes/formulas with syntax highlighting

This is more a tip/trick but I still want to know if someone has similar tricks to make it easier to create forms.

I was editing a long label for a note, with a a couple of instance()'s and it was getting difficult to edit in the cell in Excel.

Copied to VS Code, it automatically identified it as "coffee script" so now I have the benefit of finding matching parentheses, brackets, etc. In the screenshot I've deleted a closing parenthesis (line 5) and it shows the other one in red because there is no match.

I tried with other extensions, md, js, html, ts, but for this case the coffee seems the best solution, to get strings highlighted and brackets, parentheses and curly braces matched and highlighted.


Please Share the Xlsform of this file i want to try

I've made changes to the form that I can't share the current one, but basically I was working on the form that was originally in

Also for the record, any form would work, I'm not actually opening the form in VSCode or something like that, just copying the content of the cells in Excel with long formulas, like in this case where you want to present a summary to the user.

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