Using QR Code to collect data on entities

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I would like to use a QR Code fixed on trees to monitor trees with regular repeated surveys. I would like to open the ODK Collect app and point to a QR Code. This should pick up some details about the entity (tree)

Once identified we would fill in the monitoring details for the tree. I can collate them into a time series when I analyse the data.

How do I do this?

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barcode question type:

If you are using entities you could encode a UUID as the QR and then link the QR UUID to the entity UUID and do instance look ups to get already known details and continue to fill in the monitoring details (and also update the entity). You could also have an internal choice list or external CSV choice list that has this data and do the same lookup method, but you would have to update your reference list separately. Here's an example

If the entity (tree) details you want are static (eg tree ID / species / date planted) and also not private, you could encode it all into the QR as a delimited string and decode the QR to pull out the information. Here's an example

Your approach may be limited by how large/detailed the QR can be and be economically produced on durable materials (etched stainless steel / two layer plastic etc)

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