View the points of the forms on the map, outside the application

I searched here on the forum and didn't find anything with this topic,
I would like to have access outside the ODK application, to the points saved in googlemaps, those points that are showing on the map every time I open a form, I would like to know if you can view these points through the email registered in the application in my google account, or can I just see the map points inside the ODK Collect ?? thank you very much to everyone who replied

If your data has latitude and longitude coordinates, you can use a third party application to map points you've collected. There are many options including:

  • QGIS is a free and open source geographic information system.
  • will let you quickly visualize some spatial data in the browser and save it out in different formats.
  • uMap is another free service that lets you create maps with OpenStreetMap layers in a minute and embed them in your site.
  • Most business intelligence software have mapping functionality. Here is a blog post about mapping points in PowerBi.
  • You can create and share custom maps with Google My Maps.

aaah cool.. but this can be done automatically, or will I have to include in my form that option to choose another app to attach information ??
by the way, you mentioned the "Google My Maps" this is different from the google maps that you already have in the Odk Collect app, available on the playstore and applestore ???
thank you very much

Hello @BrunoAngelo ,

Have you come across this thread on qgis plugin, QRealTime: A QGIS plug-in for ODK
Try to check it out.