Web-app: Repeat Merge

Hi All,
I'd like to introduce a simple new WebApp: Multi Level dataset Merger

The app produces a matched datasets based on two input datasets of different levels (eg household data and child data).


  • Upload multiple Excel (.xlsx) or CSV (.csv) files.
  • Select the inner and outer datasets from the uploaded files.
  • Choose the unique identifier columns for both datasets from a dropdown list.
  • Check whether the unique identifier columns have the same data type.
  • Display the number of matches made based on the unique identifier.
  • Download the merged dataset as a CSV or Excel file.

While I love ODKMETA, the wonderful stata package by IPA that does all this and more within stata, we sometimes have no access to statistical package and don't want to construct complex look up functions in a spreadsheet editor.

I would love to get your thaughts and feedback on the app!

Give it a spin: https://dataset-merge.streamlit.app/
Run it locally and/or contribute on GitHub: https://github.com/JonasWeinert/ClusterDatasetMerger