WFP - Lebanon National PovertyTargeting Program

NPTP Project , started 2014

The National Poverty Targeting Program is managed by the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs
and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers In collaboration with WFP and World Bank.

It is the first poverty-targeted social assistance program in Lebanon with the objective to provide social assistance to the poorest and most vulnerable Lebanese households based on transparent criteria that assess each household’s eligibility to receive assistance, given available public resources.

The NPTP is based on a proxy-means testing (PMT) targeting mechanism and is implemented through approximately 500 social workers and inspectors operating at the level of 115 SDCs.

The social workers/inspectors have been trained to Use the ODK Collect application on android tablets to implement the targeting method and collect needed household information that is verified and processed using an automated management information system

The ODK system helped us in collecting more than 150k household data which 75k households are now benefiting on a monthly basis from the program.

You can check our interactive Power BI dashboard (Numbers will be updated soon)

Dashboard :


Hey @danny777x ,

This is lovely work. I will say that for data collection ODK, and data visualization PowerBI is one of the most innovative ways to represent the data.