WHO COVID-19 Confirmed Case Report Form

WHO has a form for member states to report individual confirmed COVID-19 cases in countries where the virus is not yet widely circulating. From the WHO guidelines:

WHO requests that national authorities report probable and confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection within 48 hours of identification, by providing the minimum data set outlined in the “Revised case reporting form for 2019 Novel Coronavirus of confirmed and probable cases” through the National Focal Point and the Regional Contact Point for International Health Regulations at the appropriate WHO regional office.

This form can also be useful for local reporting or as an example for other contexts. @seadowg and I have built a downloadable WHO COVID-19 confirmed case report XLSForm that anyone can use and leave feedback on.

The field names match WHO’s data dictionary.

The original paper form is broken into two ODK forms to be filled in at different times and linked on the case identifier.

If there is interest, I can share a process for using Excel to join data between the two forms and put it into the provided template for line listing.


Dear @LN,

This is a great initiative and hopefully you will permit me to promote this form through my connections so that more people know about this and use this form for reporting cases.

In if you need help to build any more for for COVID-19 purposes, I will be happy to volunteer. This is a big crisis for the whole world and I think we all should work together to mitigate this.

Thanks again,


Please share to whoever might find it helpful. We built it for field partners and hope it can be useful for others as well.

I couldn't agree more and will certainly pull you in as needed. I hope others will also share their deployed forms.

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We got a request to make matching paper and digital forms for a context in which digital health records are not integrated. Health facilities will fill out their confirmed case reports on paper and then either physically send them to data entry points or take photos and transmit them via email/WhatsApp/etc.

To produce matching paper and digital forms to be filled out at computers, we used the Enketo grid theme:

You can try these out by converting with XLSForm Online and then clicking "Preview in Enketo". The grid theme does NOT work in Collect.

The print function has some layout issues currently that @martijnr is looking into (thanks!). It will hopefully be possible soon to print directly but for now, to produce the printouts, I answered the form to make sure all questions were relevant, saved as mhtml and then took screenshots. I can describe this workaround in more detail if you need printouts immediately.

Some question customizations were made for the context the form will be used in. For example, we know that the reporting and diagnosis country will be the same and are always fixed. We also know that case IDs are assigned on a district-by-district basis and have a fixed structure so we can prompt for region, district, and district case number to produce the case ID.


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