XLSForm quality dashboard using Qlik Sense


Medair has developed a dashboard (using Qlik Sense) which is designed to quickly load and analyse XLS forms in order to check for quality markers such as correct usage of hints, constraints and multi-language fields. Its most useful for those working either with large numbers of forms or forms which are long and take significant time to check before publishing and is aimed at driving improved ODK form design.

Any feedback or thoughts on the idea are welcome. We are also in the process of creating some documentation to accompany the dashboard, some usage instructions available in the links below. If there are questions on setting the system up or using it, I am happy to answer as there's not that much to the setup.

Below are links to some of the resources for anyone curious to use them or to share with others.

  1. https://www.qlik.com/us/try-or-buy/download-qlik-sense (qlik sense free download)
  2. https://im.medair.org/#Public/Filemanager/item/1497 (dashboard with example form loaded)
  3. https://im.medair.org/#Public/Filemanager/item/1491 (dashboard setup instructions)
  4. https://im.medair.org/#Public/Filemanager/item/1498 (excel manual checklist and useful constraint examples)

We hope to continue developing and improving the system. Please feel free to download the resources and let us know if you have found them useful or would like to suggest additional features!

Noel O'Boyle


This is such a cool idea, @noel. Thanks for sharing!

Can you tell me a little bit more about who designs forms at Medair and where this tool is used in their process?

Is the goal to help folks who are new to form design while they iterate? Is it more for a data manager who knows what they are doing, but uses the dashboard as a safety check?

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Thanks @noel. This will be incredibly useful to help provide greater awareness and accountability to some of the technical nuances of ODK form development that does not get easily picked up when converting the form. Also this will be great for a quick quality check of forms that others within my organization build and i need to cross check before uploading to the server.

2 thoughts: 1. Removal of end groups from the duplication list as this is the one place duplication is allowed and is super useful for making sure groups get open and closed. 2. Updating of Constraints for read the constraints from Select_multiple where "don't know" or "none" cant be selected with others options. or just reading that there is a constraint there in general.

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