XLSForms cheat sheet

Hi all,

Just wanted to share this XLSForm cheat sheet that I compiled with a few colleagues at CartONG.
It's basically the place where we were referencing examples of XLSForms formulas / tricks as we were learning, beyond of course what you can already find on the great XLSForms.org website.

As a few field staff that we were sharing it with informally during trainings and such seemed to find it very useful, we decided to make a public resource out of it on our IM resource portal: https://www.im-portal.org/help-library/cartong-xlsform-cheat-sheet.
Hope it will be relevant to the ODK/XLSForms community!



Hello @MaevedF

Nice and useful summary...

Few comments for calculations tab,
Row 31: jr:choice-name nice to add the parameters jr:choice-name(value, '${select_O/M_Variable}') where value can be passed as variable itself (for select_one) or as a function like selected-at()...

row 39: int(§(variable)) you meant int(${variable}) also worth mentioning that will only work if the held value is expected to be a number but carried via different functions i.e.: pulldata()

Jules R


Hi Jules,

Wow, well done for spotting the "(" instead of the "{", I'm impressed (those are always the ones you miss when you are coding, aren't they...)
I've corrected that point and also added your two suggestions for extra detail (that were new to me, so much appreciated).

All the best,