XLSPlay: edit & preview XLSforms in one browser tab

Hi everyone :wave:

First time poster but long-time admirer of the ODK project here!

Sharing my summer (winter here really) side project to make editing XLSForms easier. It's a web app where you can edit and preview forms in one tab, with:

  • Ability to upload an existing .xlsx, and download back to .xlsx when done
  • A menu to add questions / groups / repeats if you forgot their syntax
  • Autocomplete for question types & question names
  • Colour highlighting for groups and repeats

See video demo below:

Try it at https://xlsplay.rapha.dev/. It's a first prototype, would be happy to get candid feedback from yall.



That is super! Are there any limitations, eg select from csv, media.

It would really help speed up form authoring, finding errors/previewing rapidly and not doing a bunch of editing and then uploading over and over fixing one validate error at a time

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Thanks for the kind words!

Yes indeed, the main limitation is that it doesn't support attachments, be it media files or external csv/xml choices.

I'm using the Enketo /preview endpoint, which I think doesn't support attachments (@LN can correct me if wrong), so this would be tricky to add.

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