Yet Another Form Design Tool

Hi All,

Just sharing another tool we have been using in-house for building forms .

It does not support all the features of the great XLSForm however it makes some simple things easier like previewing your xforms in enketo(, on the fly form validation(with the help of odk validate), automatic question numbering and generating cascading selects.

###What it Can Do So Far

  • Human readable text form definition e.g See the following is a form
## House hold form
Household head name
Number of children

repeat{ House hold members
  • Auto-numbering of labels and IDS
  • Preview your form in Enketo ( with just one click
  • You can import a basic ODK xform into this editor
  • Simple XPath Variable references e.g instead of /instance/path_id you use $path_id
  • On the fly simple validation of xpath
  • Integrated ODK Validate( ) for further form validation
  • Auto-completion of words using Ctrl-K
  • Easy creation of cascading selects by referencing a CSV. The CSV data will be baked into the generated XFORM.
  • Support for appearance
  • Support for form styles
  • Adding arbitrary layout and bind attributes using @bind: value or @layout: value
  • If you are designing forms for OpenXData you can select the Emulate OXD to ODK preference to convert OXD Xpath to ODK. e.g $multiselect_qn = 'option' is converted to selected($multiselect_qn,'option')
  • Multi-line Questions which make it easier to write markdown spanning multiple lines
  • Automatic text beautifier or formatter

What it Can't Do (The ones I know about)

  • Does not support form internalization(forms in multiple languages)
  • Does not support these form settings like submission_url, default_language, public_key
  • Preview in enketo only works if you have an internet connection
  • Does not support complex form data instances
  • Requires Java to run
  • Does not have a clean way to support image attachments

Documentation Is here(Work in progress) :

Download is here:

To run it double click the file and if that fails, try running 'java -jar oxdmarkup-ui-0.20-jar-with-dependencies.jar' from the command line.

For new releases check here: