Adding mock questionnaire in ODK

Hello dear ODK users,
I am trying to figure out how to add a mock questionnaire in ODK (pdf, list of 10 questions) to quickly pop up, may be, by selecting an option or button, in case the interviewer faced some security concern during field work on the main survey which contains sensitive questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you

Hi @Ermias,
I can think of two ways that might be suitable, both of which are fast and don't rely on loading an external PDF viewer

  1. At the top of each survey page, include an innocuously phrased question that in normal use isn't answered, but when answered is used to set relevance and a) hides all the sensitive questions by making them non-relevant, b) shows previously hidden mock questions by making them relevant (possibly set the first few with default values to make it look like it's in progress). This method has the benefit of behaving as a form if you need to demonstrate it. It could also trigger a calculate to wipe all the responses to the hidden questions. Long pressing the selected option on the innocuous question would be required to revert relevance and restore normal function.
  2. At the top of each survey page, include a note with image and big-image values, and have a thumbnail for the image that when tapped will load the big-image which is a PNG of exact screen dimensions with a mock survey layout on it. Using the android 'back' action would be required to revert to the form, which is 'easier' to discover.

For the PDF option you could use markdown or URL formatting to link to a PDF and include this at the top of each screen

Thank you very much @ahblake ! Your suggestion is very helpful but have a follow up question. How can you add the thumbnail (image) at the top of each question without having to create a begin-group-end group for every question (>500 in my case)?

Ah, ok, I tend to structure my forms in a small number of field-list groups so didn't think about a >500 'page' form.

Options that I can think of in increasing order of effort/pain

  • Do you currently use images for any of your questions - if not you could put the image (mock trigger button) & big-image (mock PNG) filenames against every question (copy/paste down the columns? Ref
  • Do your enumerators have data connectivity - could you use markdown at the end of every question label (or in the hint) to link to a mock PDF/image? (build the strings as excel formula.) Ref
  • If having >500 groups doesn't cause issues processing your data, could you generate a form with a group for every question? Either by scripting or by some excel row counting and lookups?

This is a quick example of using sheet row number to identify the required type or survey question, assumes one question per screen. Could be done more nicely outside of excel.

ODK_Group-generator.xlsx (15.2 KB)