Help : How can a product designer contribute to ODK? :)

Hey everyone! I'm Eshaan Kaul, an engineer turned product designer. Current working at Flipkart (India's largest E-Commerce Company) where I'm working on lending solutions for India.

Before joining Flipkart, I was a designer at Playment, where I worked upon the data annotation crowdsourcing platform for autonomous vehicle companies.

I feel my past experience from Playment can be put to good use in ODK. Please help on how I can start contributing

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @Eshaan_Kaul :wave:

That's a great question! We've managed to involve product designers a couple of times in recent memory (on this call and this call). This involved a high level design crit for Collect and also some work on a mock up for a "reskin" and resulted in an effort to move towards Material Design which is currently in progress.

I've been experimenting with a design repo for Collect which you might find interesting. In there I've been working on a Style guide (using the Material Theme Plugin for Sketch), mockups/prototypes for new features and also user research.

In terms of upcoming help you might be able to provide, it would be really useful to pull in a designer on new features to help with mockups or to provide criticism on proposed changes. I'd say joining the Slack and introducing on both #collect-code (our Android app) and #central-code (our newer server) would be a good idea as that would be a good place for people to pull you into conversations. An example would be this discussion around a new user flow we're introducing.

Do you have any experience with conducting user research or writing research scripts? That might be another area you could help out in.


This is designed for a process such as placing a unique patient ID code sticker on a printed form and then using the ODK Scan app to automatically link the encoded data with the other data elements on the form!