How to change your forum username

Did you know you can change your username here on the ODK Forum? You may want to do this especially if your username was created automatically by being imported from the old Google Groups.

For example, I was set up as Michael_Downey but wanted to change to @downey to be more consistent with my other ID's elsewhere.

Simply go to and click the :pencil2: button next to your existing username, then choose the new username you'd like to use.

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Hi @downey, would you know how to change our username if we don't see the :pencil2: button? Similar to you, I am trying to change mine from Marc_Abbyad to just abbyad.

On How to create your account and claim your old emails/posts I see this note:

If you are not happy with the default username, change it now in Preferences. You will not be able to change it later!

I hadn't noticed the edit option then, and hope I haven't missed my chance! :slight_smile:

Hmm, I don't see it now either. @yanokwa any idea about this?

Our plan was to lock down usernames for existing users a few weeks after the migration because changing usernames breaks @mentions across the site. It's been three weeks, so we've locked them down.

New users (those who have never sent messages to the ODK lists) have three days to change their username after they create a new account.

Existing users can request username changes from admins. The decision hinges on how much they've been @mentioned. Marc hasn't been @mentioned, so I've made the change for him.

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