Interview - Abdul-Majeed Jibril

Name: Abdul-Majeed Jibril (@Fabla)

Location: Where do you live? Where do you work?
I am from the Northern part of Ghana, Tamale to be precise. I was working with IPA-Ghana as a short term field staff but I am currently unemployed.

Tell us a fun fact or story about yourself!
I am so open and lovely to work with. I love looking for new ways of doing things and exploring the resources available for me. I spend most of my time with my laptop because I learn a lot from it and whenever it is not with me I feel that I am not complete.

How did you first find out about ODK?
Before joining IPA-Ghana, I did data collection for a brother who had a project on agricultural and food security in Northern Region of Ghana. This was my first time I heard about ODK. After joining IPA-Ghana, the first software I used for data collection was Blaise which I enjoy using because I always love using computer to do most of my work.

My next data collection was with SurveyCTO which is from the ODK family, which I also enjoy because it is still an advanced way of data collection instead of the paper data collection I used to do years back. Curiously, I try to learn how to code Blaise, but it was not an easy thing to do so I stop and start to learn SurveyCTO instead of Blaise.

During my search for information and how to code ODK and SurveyCTO forms on Google, I was able to code several forms and tested them on SurveyCTO community server and they were working as expected. After I now know the basis of the XLSForm and XForm coding, I did several projects using ODK Aggregate and SurveyCTO platform, just last week I was introduced to Google Sheets/Drive as well. I always love learning new things as well as sharing ideas at all times.

What are you using ODK for?
I use ODK for projects in the following areas: agricultural, finance, health, education, governance and records keeping.

What’s your favorite ODK feature?
For now, I will say Google Sheets/Drive until a new feature is introduced.

How did you get so involved in the community? What keeps you coming back & staying involved?
Like I said before, I love learning new things as well as sharing ideas, I heard of this forum long time before going it, I used to read from this forum without registering as a member, until I realize that you give to society what you learn from society is a key to development and innovation, so I have to be part of this forum to help those who need help whilst learning new things. Ever since I join the community, I am always at a point of supporting people on ODK.

What has been the greatest challenge for you in learning about ODK? (Either the software, the community, or both!)
I don’t see any challenge for now because there are new features being introduce anytime someone sees the need for that feature and many people support that idea. The team will do as much as possible to bring it live. I have used the software for several years and love it because it make work easier and provides quality outcome.

Let’s talk about goals: Do you have any ODK-related goals for yourself, your organization, or the overall ODK community?
My goal is to secure a position in an organization where I would use my skills, knowledge and interactive expertise acquired both through this community and work experience to function effectively while learning new skills and to achieve the goals of the organization.

What advice would you give someone who’s just learned about ODK and is considering getting involved?
My advice to such a person would be to feel free and feel at home to ask any question which is hindering his/her ability learn ODK. The community is forever ready to response to his/her problems and help him/her to fixed it without any fee.



I always learn new ideas from you, @Fabla! Thanks so much for sharing your experience here.


Thanks Great Fabla, he answer every time clean and comprehensible sheet explanation.


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