Introduce yourself here!

Hello everyone. I am Sudhir Gupta based in India. We have used ODK with GAE in the past on several projects. It was really easy. Recently we started exploring ODK for another project and found that support for GAE has been discontinued. So we are struggling to build on AWS and facing problems. Reaching out to the community for support. This is my Linkedin

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Hi All

I am Praveen Shrivastava from Lucknow, India.

I started using ODK 2 years back because it was open source and easy to use. I develop forms on my own and also setup the google app-engine/vm-instance for the clients.

I am working with private sector, I also Visualize and create dashboards for reports for the clients.

Now I am using ODK-Central. I am here for a query which is related with table format.

Before when i was using SurveyCTO there i have option to export the data in wide format. But in Central is this facility available?


Hi All,

I am based in Monrovia, Liberia now supporting my organization with impact evaluation. I learnt about this platform from I want to build my ODK skill to expert level both for personal and professional development. I would appreciate an ODK coach to guide and challenge me so send me a message if that person is you.

Fun things i do outside work is sing and experience new environments. Happy to be here!


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Hello everyone!

My name is Szymon I'm 27 years old and currently I live in Gdynia, Poland. I'm a QA Tester with over 3 years of experience. I started working on ODK Collect last week.

I'm a huge fan of football and board games, also I like to read criminal novels.

I'm happy I can work on ODK with you!

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Hi all, I am Mark Schreiner, and I run Scorocs, LLC, a company that makes the Simple Poverty Scorecard(R) poverty-assessment for 70 countries. See

I have been using ODK to build data-collection tools in support of the scorecard questionnaires.

I am a US citizen living in the US, fluent in Spanish and with decent ability in French.

I have a done a couple of ODK projects for non-scorecard clients, and am available for consulting work.


Hello Everybody!

My name is Robson Vieira and I'm running my own IT consulting company here in Brazil.

I've got to know ODK Collect and ODK Aggregate a while ago in the days of Professor Gaetano and love it since then.

As I started using ODK again in a digitalization project at the Amazonia (community-based açaí producers in State of Amapá / Brazil) I got to know ODK Central and it was a great and exciting surprise to see how much the Project has evolved throught the years.

As I noticed that there wasn't a portuguese translation of Central I jump in to the translation effort and just finished what I call it's draft version.

Anyone who speaks portuguese is most welcome to join the team and give a hand to create a final and accurate portuguese interface for Central :))

I also spend some of my non-office hours playing guitar and singing in a rock band :wink:


Hi everyone!

My name is Laure, I'm a Research Fellow based in the greater Seattle area, but doing field work in The Gambia and the US.

I've been using ODK for about a year, we are building a series of questionnaires for a social science research project across 5 countries and something like 35 interviewers. We collaborated with someone to develop the first version and now we are implementing and tweaking on our own. The forum has been super helpful to learn about ODK and its capabilities (which never cease to surprise me in terms of their flexibility!). I love that it integrates well with R and that I can build data pulls directly into my analysis workflow.

I can be found @LSpake_Anthro on Twitter and @lolosp on GitHub

I spend my spare time outdoors, and preferably in the mountains!


Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, my name is Kenny Swanson. I'm from Sweden and I run a small community, I'm still new to handling ODK,

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Hi everyone. My name is Tosin Williams and I am based in Nigeria. I am a GIS Data Analyst. I got involved with ODK in the year 2015 when I and my mentor (Temitope Adeyoju) were working together on some projects. I built my first XLS form the same year.

I have not registered to join the community but I have always come to the platform as my source of truth when I am faced with a challenge. I have been involved in projects that span Nutrition, Engineering, Health care management, as well as Policy management.

I love swimming, I love games (video and mobile) and I also love chess.

I can be found on Twitter @tosyn_williams


Hello. I'm a training consultant from Kenya. I work for Uphilos Consultancy and we are ODK trainers. My best short course is ODK for monitoring and evaluation.


My name Kenneth onyango from turkana kenya . I am requesting to join ODK job and ready to work with guys. I was involved with ODK when I started doing some consulting work for a company here in kenya last year.

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Hi all.

I am a Senior Lecturer are the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa. My students, collaborators and I study snake ecology, evolution and conservation (check out to see the kind of work we do). Unfortunately I have very little coding experience, so I have mostly been reading this forum to try and troubleshoot (somewhat unsuccessfully) the basic development of a tool in ODK to quantify patterns of snake activity. Currently, ODK seems promising, but some of the tools I need seem to be somewhat inaccessible to us coding-challenged folks.



Hello everyone,
I am Hilary Egesa and I am based in Nairobi. I am working mainly as an Android Engineer in Ona Kenya where we strive to use data to save lives. ODK has been a core part of this mission here over the years.
I am fairly new to to ODK on a personal level but from what I have witnessed and read I am really excited to be part of this open source community.


Hi, my name is SH
Where you are typically based
Based in Delhi, India

How you got involved with the ODK community (ODK origin stories!)
heard a lot about it. Trying for first time.

What kinds of ODK projects you have been involved in
none yet.

Your blog/Twitter/GitHub/other way for the community to follow you
Not right now.

Some of your favorite things to do outside of data collection!

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Hello, World and !!! Parallel World !!!

The city where I'm living in Asia is also called the City Of Lights and the actual name is Karachi / Pakistan.

The attachment with my ODK is something like this i was working on a project called which was using the ODK Collect to collect the survey in different scenarios and at that time i got a chance to look at how the ODK provides great services in the community.

Recently I was involved in a project that uses the ODK collect to collect the survey of household and individual participants.


I am Arif Azad Khan based in Bangladesh. I came to know ODK back 2014 when I joined mPower Social Enterprises Ltd. since then I am fan of this tool. My first post in this forum (back then Google Groups) was in 2014 which got quick reply by Yaw Anokwa. Instantly I found it’s a great place to learn and contribute. I visit this forum frequently to learn new things about ODK especially the new features of XLSForm. I am really happy to be part of this great forum.


Hello, I'm Moustapha
I'm in Senegal (West Africa) and I work in digital health at BLUESQUARE . I started using ODK since 2020. Thanks