Labels disappearing when using media files

I have been using ODK via XLSForms for some time but today I have a problem.

I have not tried uploading media files via ODK aggregate before but when I did today, I can get them up using ODK FormUploader, then all the text is deleted.

When I remove the "media::image" column from the XLSForm then it works fine. Also I am able to upload to both Kobotoolbox and through the XLSForm to XML file formatter from ODK but then something goes wround

I don't know how to proceed. Has anyone come across this before?

Many thanks, Stuart

Hi @Stuart_GALVMED

could you attach your form?

I attach a toy example with obvious false image files.

When I try uploading this with ODK FormUploader then the text just disappears.

Perhaps you can also clarify how the files should be saved in a folder as I feel this is perhaps the issue.

Many thanks,


example_image_odk.xlsx (9.0 KB)

I think you'll need to either
[1] change label::English to just label
[2] change media::image to media::image::English

Notice that with your form as is, if you go to the option to change languages that there is both a "default" and "English" option. See the following post for some more details:


Many thanks for this Dan. Perfect answer. I didn't have the language tab on the media file.

It's always simple when ya know...



There is a detailed write up on form language in the docs as well!

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