Limiting that the points only correspond to the location of the device

Is it possible to capture a geoshape, limiting that the points only correspond to the location of the device, that is, that the point to be captured cannot be selected on the screen, so that the enumerator must necessarily be at the vertex of the polygon?

This is not currently possible though it has come up before (e.g. Ways to specify geotrace and geoshape method of collection).

Currently there are two ways to collect a shape (or trace) with device coordinates:

  • "manual location recording" which requires the data collector to tap the "Record a point" button for each point
  • "automatic location recording" which captures points at a constant interval

Would you want to specify one of those or still allow enumerators to pick between them, just not to pick "Placement by tapping"?

One thing you could do if either of those two is acceptable is to put a constraint on the field that fails if the first point's accuracy is 0.0. The only way to get an accuracy of 0.0 is by tapping. The constraint would look like:

selected-at(${my_shape}, 3) != 0.0

This won't prevent enumerators from starting a shape by tapping but it will prevent them from submitting one.