Multi choice question with images


I'm new to ODK. Recently I've been exploring the xlsform & trying to come up with multi choice question with images. I had scoured the internet and can't seem to find useful guide that I could use. Can anyone in this forum show me how to solve this? Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @lukmann, welcome to ODK!

The ODK docs have a number of sections dealing with various aspects of form design. And is a great resource. Also, two related topics in the forum that have been previously posted:

  1. Is it possible insert images into a question?
  2. Add more than one image to one question

An example would be a survey sheet with:

|         type         | name |   label    |
| select_multiple pets | pet  | Choose one |

Ignore that the question says "Choose one" and it's a select_multiple :wink:. And a choices sheet with:

| list name | name | label |  image   |
| pets      | doge | Doge  | doge.jpg |
| pets      | cat  | Cat   | cat.jpg  |

With doge.jpg and cat.jpg files uploaded to your server along with the form definition file. To get something like this: