ODK Collect v1.10 Beta

ODK Collect betas are an opportunity to get community feedback on upcoming releases. During the beta period, we will also go through Testing checklists which are being developed.

Joining the beta program
To join the beta program, find ODK Collect in the Play Store and scroll all the way down. Please don't join the beta with a device or account actively used for data collection! In particular, note that joining the beta is account-based. If you use the same Google account across multiple devices, do not join the beta with that account.

Leaving the beta program
You can leave the beta program from the bottom of the Play Store page at any time. Once you leave, you will get the next production update once it is released. If you need to go back to the previous production release, uninstall and reinstall the app. Your settings will be reset but your forms will remain (though backups are always recommended).

What to check in this release
The upcoming release, v1.10.0, once again focuses on bug fixes and code modernizing. It will go out on the Play Store on Sunday unless any problems are found.

Changes in v1.10.0 to verify:

  • sort and search options on form list screens (Edit Saved Form, Send Finalized Form, Get Blank Form) have been modernized. This has been verified on older Android versions but if you use older devices it would be helpful to get an extra check.

  • barcode scanning now is in portrait mode and has a button for turning on the flashlight. It would be good to try this on a range of devices. Comment below if you find any problems.

  • the form exit dialog that shows up when a user presses the back button while filling out a form has been updated to be clearer.

  • form metadata username can now be linked to server username. Try this out from General Settings > User and device identity > Form metadata > Use server username. This is now the default behavior for new installs of Collect.

Full release notes are on GitHub.

@Nader I remember you mentioned trying to break ODK -- beta testing is a great opportunity to help out by breaking it! Please describe any problems found in the comments below.

Thanks so much to everyone who has reported issues or made suggestions (@mfrasca, @Ryan_Bendo, @Neil_Penman and others). Please verify that this beta fixes them!

Finally, a big welcome to our newest code contributors @Akshay_Patel, @jamesknight, @srv-twry, @yura-l. :blush:


Just tested the Beta and grid show up correctly again! Thank you so much for your help!



Hi Helene,

in fact i don't finished yet from testing ODK,
But i will send to you this notes about "Settings" and i will complete testing the main function (Main Menu).
If i get more notes i will inform you.

notes as below :

settings :

Splash screen : Small Black Box in the center of secreen if user chose file browser to choose image he can choose any thing.
(adding images filter)

Server URL : Empty [if you entered invalid url and directly changed the type of server to "Other"]

		(server URL must load from prefrence keys not from variable)

Import/Export settings : Cancel Button save the changes in the "Admin passowrd incloding dialog"
the button "Generate" of the dialog "Admin password include" i advice to change it to "Include"
because it's in "Admin password Include Dialog"

Language : Chosing language directly get me out to the main manue
(layout must not changed)

Best Regards

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Delete Saved Forms
If I delete the form definition (Blank Forms),
saved form non-useful because I can’t edit it

finalized form can be sent (if form stile in server).
Finalized form can not be sent (if form deleted from server)

I think ODK must have a single scale so user did not confuse when using the ODK
Like "if you delete the Form Definition All Forms will be deleted".

If i chosed to set default finalized form to uncheck.

Then i Hide the finalized form check box.

This will lead to all forms that i am going to fill it will not be sent, because forms will never flaged as complete.

And it will stay in the saved forms.

I suggest when user choose to hide finalized form ODK inforce the default finalized form to check.

Best Regards

Sort is case sensitive.


when i opened About item from menu

then rotate my phone to landscape i get that

i click "OK" i get that

I knew you could break it, @Nader! Thank you!

I just filed the latest at https://github.com/opendatakit/collect/issues since it's a clear regression. The others may need somewhat more discussion.

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You don't have to say thank you
because this is the least that i can do.

Best Regards

As to the error "Unable to edit this saved form because the corresponding blank form is not present or was deleted", it's an old problem.
Your finding is true for ODK Collect 1.9.x too. What's more, the same thing occurs if you reload a new version of the same form without any or any significant changes to the server (your own install or ONA, KOBO etc.) from where you re-pull the blank form to your Android device (from where you deleted it) because the replaced form will get a new form ID. >> for a possible solution see my post here on how to replace the form ID string in the unsent Finalized or Draft Submissions:

Of course, for a very large number of unsent submissions it is rather troublesome.