ODK integration with DHIS2


I am working on a system where data would be collected via ODK and it needs to be pushed to DHIS2. I tried to find some reference work here in the forum. There is one relevant thread, but it is too much wayward and goes into other directions instead of DHIS2 (Dashboard recommendations for ODK data and Connecting to DHIS2).

Can someone mention if they have been able to do ODK Aggregate--DHIS2 integration, and share some helping stuff? Many thanks!


Does DHIS2 have an API?

Hi @Saad

Integration of DHIS2 and ODK central is very much possible and I have successfully done that. I created a Spring boot application that periodically fetches data from ODK central and posts it to DHIS2 using respective APIs.

The only one challenge is that ODK central does not have a way of filtering data so every time you fetch data from ODK central, you have to pull everything then check each submission if it has been send to DHIS2. And it is kind of customized for each use case but with time, I will continue improving it.

If interested contact me via simiyuwdan@gmail.com.

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Central v1.1's API does have some filtering on the submissions and OData endpoints. Have you tried it? If so, what changes would help make it more useful?

Thanks so much @yanokwa for this information. I have checked the API documentation. So far with my use cases, filtering with date submitted will be good enough and as you've mentioned above ODK central supports some filtering and submission date is one of them. So with that, I think most use cases should be fine.