Dashboard recommendations for ODK data and Connecting to DHIS2


We use ODK a lot for data collection for an array of projects and in many countries. We typically use Ona.io as our server. Though Ona has a dashboard and now integrates with Google Sheets, I am interested in hearing if anyone has recommendations about a dashboard platform/software for ODK data. Specifically, something that displays incoming data - some way to link data to the dashboard. I know Ona now has integration with Tableau. Would this be recommended? I am looking for a dashboard similar to DHIS2 in look and feel and sharing capabilities.

Perhaps DHIS2 is what would be recommended...? If so, is there an easy way to link ODK data to DHIS2? Or Ona to DHIS2? Or is that something for which a developer should be contracted? I have experience with XLS scripting and tech and data collection, etc., but I am not a developer/computer programmer/coder and don't have familiarity with things like APIs.


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Since ODK is open source; therefore, I believe you can customize it in your own way to display your data on DHIS2 or Tableau. However, following this guideline you may export your data from ODK and display on DHIS2.


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We're planning to use Google Data Studio since it too has an easy integration with Fusion Tables and Google Sheets


Hi Everyone,
we need to work in this topic because every application has real time dashboard when any person to entry in
application show in dashboard.Monitoring staff easily check enumerator work.And on the spot call if enumerator doing wrong work.
1-we need to video how to make real time dashboard ?
2-how to check data mentoring staff easily ?


I can really recommend PowerBI from Microsoft. It is free and easy. You can also link it to the Database directly instead of using briefcase and you can publish the content to websites as well (automatic updated like in Google Fusion Tables)

Hi @Amanda_Berman,

Please have a look at OpenFN Since its Free Open Source Software may be you can build a solution on top of that.

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I have heard great things about Power BI. So you can keep pushing data as it comes in?

Thanks! I will look into this now.

I am currently working on similar analytical dashboard project. If you are good at R, you can pull data from ona platform and use shinyapps.io server to deploy your analytics online.

hi, I have developed a robust dashboard and reporting solution that one can use by connecting it directly with the ODK data. Please let me know if you would like to see a demo of it. I have not made it commercial yet as I have developed it as during my leisure time. You could use it to pull the data from ODK server and design report and dashboard.



I Need your dashboard demo my email is azamiqbal51@gmail.com.and after that i will purchase your product

I've played with using Google Data Studio as a linked dashboard to allow for real time updates. Its worked well for the basics. It is limited in some regards associated with indicators which need to be estimated post-collection, and for data points within repeat groups (which don't publish to google sheets).

Publishing from Aggregate directly to Google Sheets is straight forward. Then linking the Sheet to Google Data Studio is also straight forward. Potential problems arise when computing values within google sheets, and using data from repeat groups.

I'm happy to discuss more if others are interested. I've had it on my list to check out PowerBI and would gladly like to hear more from the community on their experience linking PowerBI to Aggregate.


Hi Azam, please give me a demo. My email is: stephenkojwang@gmail.com

Hi Llyod, kindly also share with me your google data studio for a review. My google account: stephenkojwang@gmail.com


can i also give it a try? fabla2020@gmail.com

Hi Fabla and Stephen

I give a very general workflow of connecting ODK Aggregate, Google Sheets, and Google Data Studio HERE.

Do you have specific questions? If I'm able I will try to address them in the forum so everyone can benefit (with hopes others can provide insights as well).


Hello, Mic how to do that in Power BI?

Hello Kanagu, could your share it with us pleas?
Congrats for your job

Dear Kanagu, I am also very very interested of using your robust dashbord and reporting tool. I am running a project with Kobotoolbox (on the humanitarianresponse.info server instance). They have a simple reporting tool but it's not working now.
I'd like to have a look at your solution and hopefully it will help me.
My email: juhudi.duparc@congoinitiative.org

With respect SPECIFICALLY to DHIS2 - has anyone successfully connected ODK data to DHIS2? Or know of a developer/consultant to assist?