Quick ways to contribute

ODK only gets better if everyone contributes and your contribution makes a very big difference. You don't have to be a programmer or an expert user, you just have to want to help!

Here are some quick ways which you can help.

  • Follow, like, share, and mention us on social media. We are @GetODK on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  • Leave a 5 star rating for Collect on the Play Store.

  • Find a bug or documentation mistake? Let us know by filing a support request.

  • Missing a feature? File a feature request so the community can add it.

  • Send a short email recommending ODK to a few of your colleagues who might find it helpful.

  • Share your large deployment, interesting form, or cool integration in the showcase.

If you've successfully used ODK before, then you can do even more!

  • Add and improve translations in Collect or Central. Post in Translations if you need help getting started.

  • Answer support questions in the support category and help clarify feature requests in the features category. Read this to learn more.

  • Watch the Collect beta and help check new releases. Read this to learn more.


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