Spreadsheet is missing the following columns: bdd-date

Salut, bien que le téléchargement d'un formulaire a réussi mais pour envoyer les données collectées dans le serveur google drive cela pose un problème. voici les résultats affichés après l’échec d'envoi:
Résultats du Téléchargement
enquête cap - la feuille de calcul manque des colonnes suivantes : bdd-date

je n'arrive pas à comprendre ces résultats, svp j'ai besoin de votre aide
enquête cap: c'est le titre de mon formulaire
bdd: c'est le nom du fichier xlsfom
date: c'est le nom de la première variable
bdd.xml (1.8 KB)

bdd.xlsx (10.7 KB)

Please try to send data to a new (empty) sheet. Keep in mind that it's not possible to send different forms to the same sheet ( just instances of the same form).

I don't speak French so Google translate helps:

Essayez d’envoyer les données à une nouvelle feuille (vide). N'oubliez pas qu'il n'est pas possible d'envoyer différents formulaires sur la même feuille (uniquement des instances du même formulaire).

Grzegorz Orczykowski
This is what I did before, I have four sheets named respectively survey, choices, settings and responses (sheet in which I must receive the collected data).
I copied and pasted the URL of the new blank sheet (responses) into the "submission_url" cell of the parameter sheet
but it does not work. there is always a failure to send.

Hello all, As part of a practical exercise I created a simple form and I managed to download it into my phone from my server, google drive, but when I send the data it does not happen in the server. it gives me a sending failure
I have named four sheets respectively inquiry, choice, parameters and answers (sheet in which I must receive the collected data).
I copied and pasted the URL of the new blank sheet (answers) into the "submission_url" cell of the parameter sheet,
but it does not work. there is always a failure to send.
I can not understand these results, please I need your help
bdd.xlsx (10.7 KB)
bdd.xml (1.8 KB)

Are you sure you have permissions to edit that sheet? Sharing a link you should be able to change permissions https://youtu.be/GnXwGmhaI9U?t=173

Thanks Grzegorz Orczykowski, for the video but I followed the procedures explained in the video and I found three people who have the same problem as me regarding the submission. I received permission to download the form but when sending, I do not see an authorization message to send the data, only the message of the error.
Please, can you try my files to see if it will work?

I can't send a form to your sheet because I don't have permission but I changed the link in the form using my sheet and everything works well. Could you give me permission? Then I would be able to try sending to your sheet.

Ah! it's good news that it's successful with you, if you can send me your e-mail address to give you permission.
tell me please, why it does not work in my side yet I respected the procedures. How can I make it work?

My email: grzesiek2010@gmail.com
Did you try using url with permission to edit for everyone?

here is my my link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16yR4vpN4GWCKOiRb-B6NoQyErGGR3Ul8WpXbaXcwLmY
Please tell me, looking at my files that I sent you why it gives me an error message yet I have followed the procedures of the video. If you can send me the files you have changed the link in the form using your sheet.

Now everything is clear...
You have a few sheets:
and probably you expect to send filled forms to that named results right?
ODK Collect doesn't know which sheet you want to fill so it always tries to send data to the first one, in this case, it's survey which contains other data and can't be used.
A simple solution is to move the results sheet before survey (I did that and was able to send data).

Probably you thought that the link you shared is to that results sheet but that's not true it's a link to an entire spreadsheet and as I said the sheet you want to fill must be in the first place.

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Yes, I see now clear, thank you very much Grzesiek2010. To conclude if you can send me the files that you have modified the sheets.

What do you mean? I just reordered your sheets.
It was: survey, choices, settings, responses, results
and I moved results to the first place:
results, choices, settings, responses
and you can send your forms then.

j'ai essayé ça a fonctionné maintenant, une fois de plus merci

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