Table with multidimensional fields and row

Hi ODK family , I am struggling to create a table with multiple fields and rows , and users should be able to enter numbers in those cells , for example , how many people responded "Yes" , How many responded No , How many responded "Never" , How many responded "Maybe"

Kindly see the screenshot below;

Are you using Collect or Enketo (Webform), please? At least for Collect, you cannot implement this cmplex format with numbers. In total, your design covers 3*4 = 12 questions/answers.

You can find a similar discussion in a previous posting: Need advise on how to design form layout for use with ODK Collect Android App. And also an ODK enhancement proposition: Form design: grid of text or numeric input. You may vote there.
(@LN, @yanokwa. Might be to review for the roadmap?)

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thanks for your response, I am using Collect, creating forms in excel form first before I upload to ODK online to convert to xml file ,

Hello @Tangi,

You don't need to use the same layout. Instead, you can set up a repeating group with a counter set to 3 (representing male, female, other). Inside this repeating group, create three sub-groups for male, female, and other. In each sub-group, include questions to record counts for yes, no, never, and maybe.


Another way to simplify is by using just one counter set to 3. Then, use a calculation to determine the category: if it's 1, it's gender; if it's 2, it's female; and if it's 3, it's other. After that, include the questions to count the number of yes, no, never, and maybe based on the identified category.

Hope it is clear.

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