Tally counting - a simple way to count more than one thing as encountered in the field

I think this has been requested in various different guises and a few work-arounds suggested, but I'll raise this again...

1. What is the general goal of the feature?
To be able to keep a tally of things in a single tap. At present there is the 'spinner' for a 'range' question, but this is a little clumsy in terms of screen 'footprint' and operation. It works well if you only want to count one thing, but if you are trying to keep track of more than one type / category of object, it becomes unwieldy and a bit slower than ideal.

2. What are some example use cases for this feature?
When walking along a path you might want to count the number of yellow flowers and red flowers separately - a tally counter allows you to do that quickly and simply.
Similar for bird counts (if you have a predefined list of birds of interest).

Basically most observational surveys could make use of it. Remember those big clickers that people used to use to check how many people were in a space?

I want to use it for counting the number of features (of different types) on footpaths - pretty specific, I know. I can be trying to keep track of 6 different categories, each up to 20 or 30 items, so need to keep things simple.

I have used an external app called Thing Counter (you can find it on Google Play), but being able to do this with a simple + and - to change the value would be really great (and using field-list layout to have them all on screen) - without needing to transcribe between apps.

I think it might have wide application, but that's just a biased guess :slight_smile:

3. What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
I will set up an account for beta testing it if anyone fancies giving it a go as a project! I would be happy to mock up layouts and discuss functionality (although, I'd probably just keep pointing at Thing Counter!)

This sounds related to Form design: grid of text or numeric input

Tallies like with multiple click counters is what I need too. We currently combine this with a background geotrace by running the geotrace on ODK (foreground) while keeping tally on paper, then backfilling the tally. I wish we had a grid input for tallies at least!

Hi @Florian_May
Yes, similarities / related, thanks for making the connection (that post didn't come up when I searched for tally or counters!).

For me the simplicity of a click-counter trumps the full grid idea (if more than one control can be displayed using field-list), but I'm certainly not against the bells and whistles of having both!

However, I'd like to avoid 'modal' input if possible as it just adds taps for the enumerator and makes it more clumsy when tallying different categories simultaneously and takes the focus from the field to operating the form, so more chance of missing things.

And, exactly as you do, I run a trace (in Orux Maps) then tally things as I go. I use Thing Counter rather than paper as we get a bit more rain than you :slight_smile: and it seems a waste to use waterproof paper just to tally. So that means I often have 3 apps running and need to keep switching... ODK Collect as the repository (including all my other observations) and I upload the .gpx file to the form at the end so that all the data is submitted together - those very nice people here at ODK added that capability for me a few years back :+1:


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