Turtle Monitoring in Western Australia

The West Pilbara Turtle Monitoring Program has been using ODK for data capture and ruODK for data analysis since 2018. Sarah McDonald is a fantastic coordinator and ODK trainer. Most enumerators are local residents employed by the mining operation. Being the Pilbara, its gets filthy hot, and nights can be humid and windy, so turtle monitoring is hard work there.

This little beach is located right next to a mining port and the turtles nesting there are in exchange to other rookeries in the Dampier Archipelago, the biggest being Delambre Island (ca 3k turtles nesting there per year).

The forms were all built in ODK Build, deployed in the early years in Aggregate, now in their second incarnation of Central. ODK Collect has served them well over the years. (No XLSForm has been harmed in the monitoring of these turtles.)