Collect: Improve geopoint dialog so it better highlights acceptable accuracy

I've been contact with some projects where data collectors just immediately accept the location that shows up with the default geopoint widget. This gets them 3000 meter accuracy, which is not great. One can add an accuracy constraint (selected-at(.,3) < 10), but it'd be better if we helped users understand better what their accuracy is.

It'd be better if we could adjust that dialog to better highlight acceptable accuracy values. I think the most effective way of doing this is with the blue circle that gets smaller as accuracy improves. The challenge is that the geopoint widget doesn't have a map view that you could use. Maybe that should change? Or maybe someone can come up with a more clever solution?

Something like a progress bar for accuracy? Like "location accuracy quality"

50% (3000m)
70% (100m)
80% (50m)
90% (20m)
95% (10m)
97% (5m)

I would totally wait to get a better "high score" if you showed me those made up percentages. Bonus if the progress bar changes colour (accessibility - eh) from red for too low to orange to green for "good enough" (as per default or form defined accuracy constraint).

Some untrained users on my end get confused as to when they can save (as soon as there's accuracy shown), when it would auto-save (when good enough), and when they can hit save to cut off a timing out GPS fix at the given (not good but also not further improving) accuracy.

So I would love to see (with better wording):

A message "You have to wait for a location fix before saving is possible" which disappears once there's a fix.

A button "you can save now with accuracy (progress bar)" as soon as saving is possible.

A message "This point will auto-save at xxx m accuracy (also indicated on progress bar)".

A message "Accuracy has not improved in the last xxx seconds, save now?". Not sure whether that's useful but it would provide relief to my untrained users if they are stuck with a coarser accuracy that just won't auto save.


Or just a way to highlight the accuracy shown in meters ?

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This might be slightly not related to the topic, but definitely related to the feature. GPS is a pretty confusing item for field workers, I have been observing since around 8 years of ODK deployments. What I do is that I put following as a HINT text in the form coding, which helps them understand how to respond to GPS' changing statuses:

Please turn on your phone's GPS/location feature, and wait for the location to lock automatically. You should preferably be outside any buildings, and under an open sky. This may take a few minutes, please be patient. 

Although GPS feature and accuracy has improved a lot recently, still it might be useful to provide similar guidance to the field workers for proper working.