How to become an ODK Insider

We are thrilled to announce ODK Insiders, a program that provides opportunities for close collaboration with the ODK team and the wider community.

The idea for ODK Insiders came from our desire to scale up initiatives such as the ODK Summit and monthly calls with the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) that help shape ODK’s roadmap. We’ve had great success with these smaller efforts, but were always sad that we couldn’t make these experiences available to more community members.

In our search for a solution, we spoke with many of you and heard your wish to learn how to get the most from ODK, connect with other ODKers, and share your important work. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made opportunities to learn, connect, and share a big part of ODK Insiders.

What's the Insiders program?
Insiders are a group of ODKers who meet for regular monthly calls with the core team to discuss the product roadmap, learn how best to collect data that matters, and connect with each other.

Why be an Insider?
The benefits of being an Insider include:

  • Access regular calls & office hours with core team
  • Help shape the product roadmap
  • Learn from showcases & deep dives
  • Connect with other members of the community
  • Let others know you're an ODK Insider

How do I become an Insider?
Inclusion is based on community engagement on the forum. To become an Insider, you must have:

  • Visited 3 times in the last 100 days
  • Visited 15 days total
  • Cast 1 like
  • Received 1 like
  • Entered 20 topics
  • Posted 3 times
  • Read 100 posts
  • Spent 1 hr reading posts

When you meet these requirements, you will automatically be added to the private Insiders category where you get access to the calls, office hours, and more. Membership will stay active based on continued participation.

The first call will be on March 6th @ 4 PM UTC. The call details will be published in the Insiders category. See you there!


Hello , nice to hear that.
I think it’s bit hard for some .
A lot of times I pass by the forum search and read some posts to fix an urgent issue or to understand something but without login to the forum,
i suggest providing other options to join the insider.


Thanks so much for the feedback, @mz0in.

This is our first iteration of the requirements and we think it's important that we start with community members who are actively contributing to knowledge base that you find valuable. We expect we'll expand the program to recognize non-forum contributions in the future.

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Hi @yanokwa,
Could we get an idea, please, how many user recently could fulfill these requirements: number and % of forum accounts? Maybe, also a separate number and % per requirement point?

There are 13.8K registered users. 612 users have been active in the last 30 days. You can verify these numbers at

We have 128 insiders. You can see them at

Providing more detail about each requirement at this time is onerous. In the future, we'll build systems that encourage folks to participate if they are close to becoming Insiders.


I'm very happy to be part of this team of frequent users.