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Problem Installing ODK Aggregate
Query regarding recording of survey
Need help on installing ODK Aggregate
How do I solve AppEngine Application Problem?
Eclipse compile of ODK Briefcase
Nested repetitions
ODK Forms Design
Unable to log into VM console
ODK Collect can't find my external CSV files in the media folder
Xlsform version ID
If-Condition in Choice-Filter: expression for "if (Q1 was answered)"
Downloading data into SPSS
Wrong password entered
Looking for help to submit forms to Google Drive - Missing "XXXX-Name" Error
Xforms action dynamic
Reuploading sent forms
Failed precondition
Summarizing previous answers from a multiple_select question in a note
Help getting started!
I want to have alert("I am good") while using if condition of Excel form I mentioned. Please let me know how I can get this.?
Can I convert .xls to .odkbuild?
Issues getting started with odk collect
Error: [row : 16]List name not in external choices sheet
Issues installing Aggregate on laptop
Error: Unknown question type 'select_multiple'
Retrieve data when blank form is deleted
Connection refused odk collect
Setting default based on previous answer
Export data from appspot
I want to edit /change the ODK Application name and Icon
Multiple options problem
Filter out selected options from multiple selected question
OKK collect error: " Document has no root element"
403 Forbidden error
Error Code 1: (SQLITE_ERROR)
Grouping of options at 2 levels
Xpath evaluation type mismatch this field is repeated
How to tailor question sets based on combination of responses submitted in XLS Forms
Showing search option with minimal appearance
Complicated form; managing repeats/loops determined by choose one answer
Form styling is not applied in choices in Collect v1.18
ODK Validation
Having two minimal search('name') on a group does not work on ODK
Hide Select Item if Already Selected
Once() function evaluated on first character typed in field list in Collect 1.22
How can I identify people who have already been surveyed?
Failing to pull data with Briefcase
Grand total calculation not updating
ODK on KaiOS
ODK to Google sheet
Barcode widget: Add option to manually type value
Envio fallado de formulario: faltan las sigueintes columnas de la hoja
ODK Central data analysis
I got this error message whenever I test my form
Unable to upload excel with XLSForm
JSON submission only succeed once
Can't change server and log in details ODK collect application
Aggregate to mysql into word template
Error: List name not in choices sheet
Super user name in aggregate
How to access preloaded csv choices not selected in repeat question
What format does Collect save data as?
ODK Collect v1.16.x - Problem with geopoint placement-map
No address associated with hostname when getting form list
Senegal users :senegal:
How should the be run?
Table like layout
When i create a form and I don't finished and save for later, I go to edit form saved and some data don't saved correctly
Open question (text, integer or decimal) with open and closed answer
Odk central manuel d`installation sous windows
Convert excell to XLSForm
Dynamic selects from pre-loaded data error
Creating a loop about not selected options from select multiple
Forms not found on tablet for Briefcase extraction
Solution for data collection with iOS9
Lanzar aplicación desde ODK
Installing ODK Central
Central has not been updated to version 1.2
Suma acumulativa dentro de grupo de preguntas
Issues updating/dowloading forms from ODK Central to ODK collect
Trouble accessing Central from web
I need help on selection/randomisation
I want to install ODK aggregate on my Web Server
GeoODK App not working properly - message: this app was built for an older version of Android
Problem when taking GPS track while screen is locked: wrong track
Send data from external app to odk collect
Data loss when trying to edit saved form
Error de versiones de formularios
Cascading Selection- Choice filter from more than one selected
Install Central on Ubuntu 20.4 on AWS EC2 instance
Failure to download "Blank form" on ODK collect from wepi
Partial pull or download of data from ODK aggregate server
Recovering deleted form from android device
Calculation on repeat inside another repeat
Naming convention media and geojson file
Unable to finalize and send a form
ODK Central with nonstandard port number and custom SSL: Cannot retrieve forms with Collect
ODK geoshape/geotrace/geopoint to WKT
Trouble connecting to server on multiple devices
Unselect other selected items if I selected "None" in multiple select
Start & end time: Reliable?
Cascade select of students' list of names
No data when publishing to Google Sheets
Referencing ranges from pre-loaded data
ODK Central - How to automate data push (like in ODK Aggregate)
Sum a space separated number question and use result to define relevance for another question
Display sample number as unique sample ID
In odk central 0.8 some submissions the attachmentsPresent is different to attachmentsExpected, how avoid this?
Revelant if n numbers of questions are yes
Error 500 when uploading to Aggregate
How to make form loading faster
Any known hacking attempts on Aggregate?
How to print day name
Digital compass
Repeat group with condition checked per repeat
Connect to submissions data over OData error: Requested format not acceptable (406)
Cascade select from external csv file
Need help to create a skip logic tied to a date
Input data get missing in the "Edit Saved Form"
How to create sub-form from ODK build?
Error 404 when submitting ODK completed survey forms to google sheets
Posting form attachments via ODK Central API
Custom endpoints & auth for aggregate replacement
Problem naming a variable in Stata
Image with many options
Collect will need to stop using /sdcard/odk for files
Registration using ODK
Problem building a field list
Form sent but showing deleted
Dynamic repeat count in ODK collect does not work when lowered
Incremental counter
ODK Collect v1.30.1 Fill Blank Form Parse Error
Persian translations
Improve the way we refer media files in Google Sheets
Beginner ODK tutorial videos?
Automatically fill out the household number
A problem exporting forms on ODK briefcase. Error: base64 Encrypted Element Signature
"On the choices sheet there is a option with no name", when in fact there is no missing names
How to load json data dynamically in external_choices
Dynamic default overlaps user answer in select_one question
Changing background colour when complete question (or section)
Connect Jupyter with Odata and Central
Form transfer from tablet to computer (without internet)
Seeking your feedback: ruODK
How to fix GPS errors in phones not located
Repeats of cascading questions at different points within a survey?
AppEngine Application Problem : Exceeded its per-minute or daily usage quotas
XLSForm Online v2.1
Mr Micheal Danso
Entering data in groups skips screens unexpectedly
To introduction
Buen día a tod@s ¿Como puedo almacenar o subir datos en 2 servidores simultáneamente?
Cannot access ODK aggregate instance on replication mode
Own server for ODK Collect forms with OpenMapKit data
Automatically looping (repeating) through different choice list_names?
Set constrain for dates appearing in non-Gregorian calendars
ODK form change font and size of group label
String variable for ODK form
Error: No found 404
Answer options to a question identical to those chosen in the previous question
Getting error in form on ODK Collect within a field that uses calculate
Ayuda con formulacion ODK
ODK Online Survey and Linkage
Failure message when attempting to submit
Sites francophones et aides en français
Complain about the odk app v1.27.3
Updating dynamicallly an existing form
ODK Collect Version v1.27.3. Not in Play Store of Samsung galaxy tab E
Randomization of choices
Data extraction from server directly into R
400 bad request sending submission to Google Sheets
Connection reset by peer error from Collect after fresh Aggregate install
Cannot connect to aggregate server on Tomcat 9 when using SSL. Only thing in logs are warning messages
Requesting access to Central sandbox
Create dynamic select
Comment éviter les doublons dans les repeat group
How I can create a Roster Question (Table) in
Attempt to invoke read(byte[]) on ODK Collect
Complain about the odk app v1.27.3
Complain about the odk app v1.27.3
Field not validating with regex with correct data
Renaming of the Edit Saved Forms to enable distinguish
Dependency cycles amongst the xpath expressions in relevant/calculate result invalid copying media file failed
Sites francophones et aides en français
Demande de savoir comment mettre une condition pour avoir une autre page du formulaire
Get spatial data from Google server
ODK Counter not returning results to ODK Collect
Auto-prompt would come up with list of option from pre-loaded list
Select one options, show other group question after main selection
Limiting Video File Size?
Restricting fake location application while collecting gps points with Collect android app
Take Picture Stuck
Text alignment - center
Slow typing keyboard
About using begin repeat
How to convert an XLSform into a XML document when using media in your survey questions
Form not displaying the age
Help with "Error: The survey sheet is either empty or missing important column headers"
Configuration de ODK central
Could a large file be preventing the form from opening?
Posibilidad de dos usuarios rellenar el mismo formulario
ODK Collect storage migration
Selecting all options by default in a select_multiple question
Error in Blank Form
ODK Central Build Error
Error when trying to login
Can't pull data by briefcase-Error message
How do i fix my gps accuracy?
Coding in .csv file
Taking a geoshape
Select_multi filter
Unable to deploy
Constraint in the age of the first repeat-count
Purged Published Form Delete All Submissions
Internship project: ODK Briefcase - New export types
Returning only selected values from a multiple_choice question
Bug with the View Sent Form
User-entered time value changing +1 hour
Defaults in dates
Indexed-Repeat with If answer
Applying functions in the choice-filter column
Choice filter for previously chosen answers
How do I enter geo locations?
Indexed-repeat group
random selection of three separate members in a household
How to create ODK server
Copy respond content displayed as a note to another Application
Calculate Member of Household Rooster Value with Source from Repeat and Non-repeat Question
Support to create new ODK
Form Encryption
Get Geotagged photos
Automate a question response based on answers from a previous questions
Grant Writer Who Is New to the World of Electronic Data Collection
Unable to log-in to aggregate page
Gravar áudio de toda entrevista
How to put verify mark near the field
ODK2Doc: Convert ODK forms to word documents
Error in ODK Collect while editing : Attempt to invoke virtual method on a null object reference
Form unable to finalize due to required note question type
Something broke the parser
ODK collect Hardcode Server URL
Suggestions for Kotlin Tutorial
Problem with cascaded select_one and 'Other' choice
Exportar en xml
Sharing Google drive credentials through QR code
Filter choices from selections of more than one questions
ODK submissions appending to last column of previous submission in google sheets
Internal Server Error (500) When Submitting
Inquiry: Howto, cascade 'select_multiple' with text?
Offline form is not loading in WKWebView iOS
Resubmission of a form following a domain name change
Install ODK on Google Cloud
ODK Central on DigitalOcean Installation
Aggregate Data - Migration to New Server
Select households from a houselisting file in ODK
Problemas para implementar un proyecto
Configuring DKIM
Error when uploading form
HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error
Question for start up
How to add a form start message odk build
Can't select "Validate converted XForm..." even after installing Java
Odk set up, data collection and sycing
Access client config QRcode content, customize
Filter choice with values from the same repeat
Form do not show up correctly
How to migrate data from Aggregate to Central
Unable to upload ODK to the Google App Engine project
Filter list of floristic species with 3 first letters of name
Difference between KoboCollect and ODK collect
Collecte des données
Community Update - 2019-04-11
Wish to display dates which more than the current date and those less than the current date as "past"
Capture a choice answers
Docker-compose ps says central is unhealthy
Several relevants for a XSLform Kobotoolbox
Calculating total edit time
Get SubmitterName and SubmissionDate exporting to CSV with ODK Briefcase
I am having an Error message that is not allowing me to edit response
How to get REAL start time
Day & Month reversed in Sheet
Can I upload data from server to the mobile app into a form? Can I see prior entered data in the mobile app?
Downloading error
Basic info for orient us towards the use of ODK
Health data HL7 over ODK
Invalid request: a sheet with the name Data-Add already exists
502 Bad Gateway / SSL is not working
Création du serveur ODK Cloud
I am not able to login my app engine
Set autodownload in odk aggregate
Instruction sur le "Relevance"
Uploading issues on odkbuild
How to add big-image parameter to make image zoomable in .xlsx file
I lost most part of my sent forms!
ODK Collect with custom name and branding
Problem in data start time and end time in google sheet
Code for offline data collection handling
Error 400 Bad Request "failed_precondition" on Collect to Google sheets
Lost of odk folder
How to research question
Get instance ID from cursor
How skip a lot of questions?
Generate an automatic consecutive, using begin_repeat and begin_group
ODK Collect error picture in GoogleSheet. v1.29.2
I need to create local server for testing purpose without google cloud or others
XLS Form Building Error / Error: ODK Validate Errors:
Intégrer un fichier média .csv dans le formulaire
Repeat loop for multiple response not working perfectly
Issue with deviceid
App Engine configuration & GCP console
Openhds not sync all individual table
JSON Export Problem ODK Aggregate 2.0.3
Can’t download form
Borrado de respuestas likert
If CSV file contains " and \n in string value, sometimes it breaks the integrity of csv columns separator
Connect ONA to PowerBI to analyze ODK Data
Cannot access ODK Central - Your connection is not private error
ODK Collect not downloading forms with attached csv files
Submissions from Collect v1.29 are not appearing in custom backend
How can I convert WHO VA 2016 ODK v1.5.3 XLS into XML?
Insert previous question into begin_repeat question dynamically
OpenHDS individual table data sync to tablet is failed
My presentation
Combining multiple select option with integer in a table
Getting blank forms on android device
PostgreSQL set of functions to get data from Central
Notification after finalized form
Issue displaying summary table using field-list appearance and read_only on ODK Collect
Skip group using relevant based on cascade response
ODK Central installation on windows problem (ngingx unhealthy)
Double form (not copied) that does not allow opening surveys
Download ODK collect sdk for development
Autofill fields
Failing to upload the form to Aggregate
Appear selected option of multiple question based on previous question response
Is central free for the public/community
Using ODK collect, Can I display all questions in single vertical scroll view rather than horizontal scrolling?
Form failed to load
Validate date
Make blank form swipe automatically after filling in ODK Collect v1.30.1
ODK Collect - Google Drive/Sheets Integration to Collect, Manage and Store Data
Pulldata with select_multiple in ODK collect
Is there a way to force user to use a particular camera app?
Aggregate error: problem with JavaRosa Parsing Form
New Kinyarwanda translation for Collect - process?
Unable to pull a date into XLSform and then use decimal-date-time()
I am getting "Invalid RSA public key. Form has not been saved as finalised" when saving in the smart phone. What could be the problem?
Error: Generic Exception: Error: (500)
Having issues uploading my excel survey sheet needed for trial
Dynamic search to create a list
Odk Aggregate valido
ODK Central And Offline WebForm
Saving odk label slip as PDF
How to align text at the center
Group Begin Repeat
Uploading an XLSForm to ODK central
Problems with my excel forms, keeps saying missing column headings
Filter answers of a predecessor question
Survey won't submit , after applying a method to restrict duplicate choices in a repeated group
Select Multiple question Relevance please help
Encryped XLS form with gibberish text response
Is there a way to collect geolocation from pictures uploaded in a form?
Cycle through records from pulled data
Connect ODK Collect with ODK Central and download forms
Collect: Multiple projects support
Suggested improvements to ODK Central
Date constraint - Four weeks from todays date
A SVG image is randomly showed into the Navigator
ODK central: background-audio
All repeated questions on single page instead of multiple pages. Is it possible?
If Statement Problem
Unable to install ODK Aggregate because of Error 400
Creating tables on odk xls form, which enables integers/text to be entered into the table
Multiple constraints [24/03/2021]
Error: generic exception: timeout
Reading from a database
Looping a variable number of comma-separated items
Remove 'next' and 'back' button while filling text field in ODK Collect
Convert an XLSForm into a form that you can upload to ODK Aggregate or temporarily preview in a browser
How to end the repeat group
Repeat roster info
Video for using Google Drive/Sheets as server
Display calculated a value in View Sent Form rather than the questionnaire title
Download photos from Google sheet
ODK web survey data collection
Form list download failed
ODK Collect : problem with "last saved" when a question "select_one" has "autocomplete" appearance
Doubt in ODK Build
Modify Form Before Open in ODK
ODK central build fails on AWS EC2 instance
Google sheet and blank value in cell with ODK form data transfer
My form cannot load in Enketo
Repeat function
Data upload error (500)
Condition for end limit of Range widget
Data upload error (500)
Answer Validation
ODK aggregate installation is free?
Include non-relevant groups and fields in ODK Central API responses
How to create code or this type?
ODK aggrigate showing error
Designed App not opening on Android
How can I adjust follow-up repeats when answer from select_multiple changes?
Can you make Required functionality conditional?
Problems to access server (App Engine App Problem) and forms (returned status code 500)
Error: Generic Exception:Error:(500)
Error in number shown in saved forms
Change Language option close to Project settings option in Android
Help sheet google
How to autocomplete in integer
How to skip to the next section after 4 consecutive negative answers
Search for a botanical form
PostgreSQL set of functions to get data from Central
Can’t create directory and application crashes
Project in multiple location
Restrict length of batch number
Force using back camera
Cross-category cascading select filtering for organization
Edit a form already sent
Customize your ODK forms with fonts, colors, etc
Recuperation des données non envoyées
Error: Generic Expection: Error: (500)
Selecting location on GPS map using the phone app
Select options from the form
Pull data while using google sheets as server
How to customise ODK
Labels with pulldata() in a select_multiple
Save forms and fiinished with Required Fields without answered
How do i setup ODK Aggregate in Windows using Eclipse?
Error in form upload in ODK app on my phone
How to associate an answer from a select_one to a group of questions?
Servidor requiere autenticación
Filled form submission failure
I want to install ODK on server 2012 and publish form over internet
Exported CSV files (using ODK Briefcase) contain forms that have already been deleted from the server
Synchronize date from Aggregate with programs, apps, spreadsheets, and external databases
Appearance and relevance
ODK Collect survey question flow issue
Dynamically loaded multiple-choice data with Google Drive
ODK Aggregate - unable to export - (KML file Failure - will retry later)
Community Update - 2017-11-08
CSV Support File - Not showing special characters on Android devices
ODK Aggregate: Deprecation of the Java 7 runtime environment on App Engine Standard
Getting Phone Number Automatically
Tablet suggestions
Some photos are being resized to thumbnail in ODK Collect prior to/during submission
XLSForm online and Firefox - can't download xml
I don't get it
Urgent: Facing Problem in uploading form with double repeat in aggregate
Submission send without data
Pulling csv file
Organize forms in categories
How to use API to deactivate survey on enketo
Select one text and image from loaded csv
Cascade/dynamic select using preloaded csv data
Setting a double constraint for multiple_select
Not able to run aggregate (appStartWar)
How do we encourage more introductions?
ODKAggregateAppEngineUpdater Error
How to enter "001, 002 ..."
Hosting data
How to Disable Hibernate or Suspend on Virtual Machine?
Unable to panning and zoom-in the map in ODK Aggregate Visualization
Increasing ram for Aggregate on App Engine
How to create your account and claim your old emails/posts
How to do cascading selects in ODK Build
How do I create a codebook from ODK?
Account can't be set to Data Collector
ODK Briefcase had been opening and now does not
How to receive notifications about a category or topic
'list' object has no attribute 'startswith'
Data Collection From Web
Relevant formula for range of choices
Upload of Aggregate server page "jumps"
Limit No. of Submissions from a device
ODK Aggregate AppEngine Application Problem
Configuration Sql Server and ODKAggregate
ODK Collect Form with Loops and Google Sheets
Answer support questions and feature requests
Calculate difference between today and pulldata date
Synchronise data from ODK server to OpenHDS?
ODK Briefcase Export "Failed"
Calculate with if-else reset value when save
Cannot get blank forms on a new phones ODK Collect nor access the server from ODK Briefcase
Outreachy 2017
Delete saved blank forms
User Group Access Restrictions in ODK Aggregate and Collect
ODK and Rinex GNSS Capture
Looped Group Broken
Optionsfile documentation for ODK Aggregate Installer
ODK Aggregate installer failure on macOS
Feeding fingerprint data from reader to ODK Collect?
Problem persisting data or accessing data in ODK Aggregate
Unexpected behaviour of the now() function
ODK Collect text entry options? Limited by single-line design
Database upgrade option
Regex for xls form
Relevance of "Specify other" not working for select_multiple questions
ODK Briefcase export 0 submissions
Data not being seen on ODK Aggregate
Grant access to aggregate
Odk-aggregate vm user password
Date Format Issue
XLSForm Offline 1.6.0 Error
Certificate on Aggregate sandbox-server expired
ODK Briefcase CLI for multiple forms
Creating a new project on Google Cloud Platform
Translation for [or_other]
ODK Aggregate v1.6.0 installation process on AWS
Can ODK collect send csv files to a server?
Difficulties downloading my data from the server in CSV format
Physical location of ODK servers
Upgrading to Java 8 runtime
ODK aggregate installation in Mac v10.13.6
Language order in Android/Enketo not the same as in XLSForm
ODK Aggregate Tomcat Deploy Error: Context initialization failed
SEND QUEUE after submission sending through SMS
Repeat groups sending unreliably to Google Sheets
ODK Collect v1.16.x - Problem with geopoint placement-map
Pulling reference data from external database
Entity too large error when uploading to XLSForm
Export data failing on ODK Briefcase v1.11.2
Date still displaying calender
Specify other required
FOSS4G 2018, Dar es Salaam
Support for FreeBSD
ODK Supported Platform
ODK2 - Pushing Data from custom UI to table
Append Ranked Choices
Proxy error when sending data
Allow more control over variable-naming syntax
Form Upload Link on Aggregate accessed on Web-browser
ODK right for my company?
Solution on cascading or drop-down
ODK Collect v1.16.4 on mobile device
Looking for link to download ODK aggregate and Briefcase for Macbook
Odkmeta: column header type not found. invalid type() suboption. invalid survey() option
ODK Collect Error: No peer certificate after server security change to SSLProtocol +TLSv1.2 +TLSv1.1 (instead of Tls1)
Cascading selects in a repeat group & indexed repeat
Unable to Upload ODK Aggregate During Installation
Definir administrador y usuarios
This url cannot be found on this server
Is there any way to send encrypted forms by SMS with ODK
Form Encryption and Decryption
Not able to publish data in Google Spreadsheet from ODK Aggregate Server
Pulling forms from ODK Aggreagte using Briefcase
Publishing Data to Firebase
Decision tree example for odk build
Hidden Type is not working inside repeat questions
Not able to download forms
Introduction myself
How to get the actual image path (URL) uploaded via from ODK form?
Is there a way to preload location data without an explicit geopoint question?
Aggregate refreshes indefinitely
JSON change-password request to /ssl/user-manage-passwords failed
Présentation Gaétan_AGBOGBA
“Action failed or aborted by user” while running the ODK Aggregate
ODK Briefcase "A network login screen may be interfering with the transmission to the server."
Terminate the Survey if Respondent don't meet screening question
Issue Uploading New Form on ODK Aggregate
Repeat Groups Responses as Options
MySQL Data to ODK Agregate
Unique logins for everyone filling the form
Is there any supported method of syncing ODK2?
Adding images taking away text from forms
Problem to install odk aggregate on amazon aws
Choices options specify show in different/same questions
Initial login fails
Unable to fill blank form with auto send enabled
Problem with "Underlying Value" = untitled
Linking odk aggregate with odk collect
ODK Tables Synchronization Functionality missing in Aggregate v2.0.2
The responses to the group repeat questions don't appear when submitted to google sheets
Multiple Constraints
ODK form and sql
ODK aggregate ACTIVE_PAUSE Status
Quick help with GCP Installation: Do I need to revert to 1.4.15 from 2.0.3?
Odk x CSV file multi-level filtered
Integrating MaxDiff (Sawtooth) into ODK
Forms download in a format as seen on the tablet
ODK Collect giving error when downloading forms
Is it implemented to update a table definition in the ODK-X REST Protocol?
Error posting to URL:
Login and password in aggregate
Quota Management
Pulldata mistake
Link .csv files if "repeat" has been used
Scanning Barcode!
Grunt adbpush fails
Error: b'ODK Validate Errors:
Problème avec les questions à choix multiples dans odk collect
Subsequent exports keep appending previous data even though overwrite selected .
Troubleshooting with installing ODK aggregate
Migration from Aggregate x.1 to x.2
Briefcase crash during pull from Aggregate server
Error 400 - Bad Request with ODK Collect app connecting to ODK Aggregate server
404 Error when deploying Aggregate on Tomcat cloud server
Audio recording
I am new to this community
ODK Collect: Time in Repeat Changes on Submit
Work Team / Task Management for ODK Collection
Calculate on Relevent names
Illegal character in query (While pulling with Briefcase)
Running "watch" task Waiting...Warning: Command failed: start "" "chrome" "http://localhost:8000/index.html"
Exporting Issues in briefcase
Can't capture image in ODK Collect
ODK Survey Integration with another system
Date validation using pulled data in a note
Manual de configuración
Odkmeta: column header type not found. invalid type() suboption. invalid survey() option
Access DB content externally e.g. Laravel Site
Using of odkmeta command
Why can’t I get as accurate GPS position with ODK Collect as I can get with other apps?
Development question
Survey not showing the files pushed
ODK Briefcase v1.4.5 operated on Windows and ODK Briefcase v1.11.2 operated on Mac give different name to .csv files from same xml form and instances
Error when sending finalized form in ODK Collect
ODK Briefcase Pull data but Export Fails
ODK Survey - pulldata
Problem with other languages while converting survey to XML
Potential bug ODK central
Support on Server
Ficha de exame de Amv
استمارة النحقق
Limit number of Register user
ODK Collect handshake failed
ODK Central not backing up
Odkmeta: “column header type not found”
Odkmeta: column header type not found. invalid type() suboption. invalid survey() option
On device fields
Deleted folder lost forms
Conditional hints
Odkmeta: “column header type not found”
Tableau does not recognize Central v.06 OData link
Referencing responses from outside the Repeat Loop
How to define the data type of metadata
Dependent dropdown with choice-filter
Data is not available in the odk software
Total calculation
This form is too complex for this device. Try simplifying expressions or ask for help on the forum
ODK instance folders empty on computer
Error opening file in Collect
Last data entered should appear in new form
Get Enketo links of the forms with Form List API
ODK getting household members with one unique ID
Validate errors: dependency cycles amongst the xpath expressions
Adding a Logo on all pages of ODK form
Timed Questions
One question with two data fill in
Add more than one follow up question in odk build
How can i make Google sheets to generate the image filename instead of URL link from Google Forms
Different formats in the same question
Submiting form
Possible to select_multiple for cascading selects?
Validate errors: dependency cycles amongst the xpath expressions
Repeat count not limiting number of answers enumerators can enter
Integration of Enketo into ODK Central
Creation of a counter variable that calculates the 24 compensation
How to get ODK Aggregate
Need access to the ODK Central sandbox
"On the choices sheet there is a option with no name", when in fact there is no missing names
Mapping geopoint geotrace track of gps waypoints with repeat function questions
ODK Briefcase Issue
Keeping all the latitude and longitude decimal places in raw csv after running odkmeta preclean
Automatic Time when answering a question
ODK Collect can't find my external CSV files in the media folder
Referring to a label of an answer to previous choose one question, within the label of subsequent question
ODK Build - condition show question if
Associate each choice with a specific question
Installing Cobo Collect/ Only as an Android app?
Sequential numbering according to criteria
How to make a jump on xlform questions
Embed aggregate in a webapp iframe
"you have an error in your sql syntax"
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Hello, I’m the bot for Open Data Kit! I’m really good at doing things like moving posts around and otherwise making sure that everything runs smoothly on the ODK infrastructure. I’ve been involved in Open Data Kit since about September of last year when I started moving issues from Google Code to GitHub.

I’m based on the Internet and don’t need to sleep so feel free to message me at any time. I’ve done a lot of different tasks for ODK but so far my favorite project has been copying over this issue about a daylight savings bug because it got a lot of comments. :tada:

When I’m not helping with ODK, I like to take long walks on the beach but I don’t get too close to the water because my joints could rust.

You can also find me on GitHub and if you’d like to learn more about how to use Discourse, please click on my picture, click on Message and send me a message with the text @opendatakit-bot start new user. And please introduce yourself down here! :point_down:


So, hoping this will not be used against me, I live in Trinidad, in the West Indies. Note that I said "West Indies", not Caribbean. The West Indies is a place where people live, small islands that are isolated communities, having been used and abused by Europe, sucked dry and discarded. The Caribbean, on the other hand, is something that exists on tourist brochures, in advertising, and has nothing to do with the daily grind under the hot sun. Just so you know.

As to ODK, I cannot at this moment recall what led me to it, but sometime in April this year, I stumbled across it. Guidance, I suppose. I have been searching for years for a useable mobile data collection platform. This started when I worked for a courier service back in the 80's. Never found one until now. ODK blew my mind.

A mobile platform that you program using Excel? Excel? What? Are you kidding me? And all I have to do, is figure out how to set up a Tomcat server? Well, I'll get right onto that, never mind I've have no idea what Tomcat is.

So, with Yaw Anokwa's help, I got my Tomcat server running and I've built some forms for my wife's restaurant.

But then, one Friday, I woke up with the idea, "Can I put her Spanish hymns on ODK?" You see, she's loves the old Spanish hymns and wants to preserve them in her valley. Which is called Lopinot, BTW. (Where we didn't have internet until I went down to protest 5 years running at the local internet and broadcast authority.)

So, I spent a day working on her hymnal and now she has Spanish hymns on her cellphone.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but it's the start of my plan to take over the world! Absolute world domination, here I come!

So, besides ODK, I work with an open source platform called Odoo. It's out of Belgium, which, despite their horrendous history in the Congo, and despite their never having made any reparations for the devastation they inflicted on that place, have managed to produce a really good piece of software.

The core of Odoo is only about 40K lines of Python code, which, the next time I am in hospital, I thoroughly intend to read through, a perfectly manageable size. It comes with some basic modules, accounting, etc. But the key thing about it, is that you have the source and you can build your own modules.

So, for the past 2 years, I've been working with my brother to write a module to help manage the loans at our credit union. It's been fun, difficult (coz I'm old) but fun.

The screens are all XML, just like ODK!

I've been trying to get Yaw Anokwa interested in Odoo, but he hasn't seen the potential yet. Say what.

The other BIG piece of software in my life, is Twiki. If you don't have a personal wiki, start now. I've been maintaining mine since 2002 and I wish I had started before. Every script, every configuration, every blessed screenshot I ever needed, is in my wiki. Hey, it automatically does version control! So, my young friends of the ODK community, take some free advice from your old buddy, Seth and set up a wiki TODAY! One day, your memory will begin to fade and you will find yourself trying to remember something you shoulda written down but didn't. Then, you will kick yourself and say, "You know, I really shoulda listened to that old fart, Seth."

Fun fact: just came back from Abu Dhabi, the longest journey of my life. It's really hot there. Not joke hot, real hot! They have MILES of water pipe to feed plants. Every plant you see, has a pipe feeding it. They want to grow a forest in the desert.

I stayed in a university, which has a garden filled with tropical plants. Even sugar cane, that blood-soaked weed. Cane needs water, a lot of water. They got it to grow.

The Emiratis are a determined people. They don't play around. I have real respect for their force of will.

Ah! now I remember how I found ODK!

I went to a lecture by Dr Patrick Hosein. He's one of our local unsung geniuses. No really, the guy has 5 degrees from MIT, 40 patents to his name. He's one of the most humble men you will ever find. No setta big talk from him, just straight and simple. He's even kinda shy.

So, on a whim, I went to the lecture, just to support him really coz we've gotten along well in the past, though I've only met him a few times. He hired me to set up a server once. That kinda thing.

Anyhow, he's managed to get the university to offer a Master's degree in Data Science, a new thing for them. He's done lots of research in his career and thinks we need data scientists here.

So, I got inspired by his ideas, did some searching and found ODK. I offered to come on and set up the Tomcat server for him for free, but so far he hasn't bit the hook. World domination takes time.

Also, I got distracted by the Abu Dhabi trip. But now, I'm back. Fell back into writing scripts and such, but this week I've going to start working with ODK again. I want to see if I can get it to talk to Odoo. Might not get it to talk directly but we'll see how far I get.



Hello world!

I'm a real human who uses the ODK suite as key tools.

I'm based in the Philippines and working on rice research. I got involved in the ODK community when I started working with a project already using ODK tools.

In my spare time, I usually update myself with the newest innovations in the realms of science and technology.


Did you know that camelCased XLSForm field names will become SNAKE_CASED MySQL table attributes?

When you design an XLSForm and your naming convention for the field names is camelCase, on the back-end part, the generated MySQL table attributes will be rendered upper cased snake_case.


This structure of XLSForm,

| type | name      | label      |
| text | firstName | First name |
| text | lastName  | Last name  |

will become like so in the MySQL database table structure

| Name       | Type         |
| FIRST_NAME | varchar(255) |
| LAST_NAME  | varchar(255) |

Hello everyone,
I'm from India and have just finished my graduation.
I started contributing to ODK Collect's source code as a newbie to open source community in February. Since then I have been fixing bugs and reporting issues for the app. I will also work on improving the UI/UX of the app in this summer as a part of GSoC programme. Hoping to discuss all the cool ideas for the same in this forum soon.



Hi, I'm Yaw and you can generally find me online as yanokwa.

I love speed, finesse, and doing things my own way. I also love building and improving: cars, motorcycles, businesses, software, and communities.

I helped to start ODK when I was a Ph.D. student in computer science at the University of Washington in 2008. I've long since graduated, but I continue to work on ODK daily because I'm blown away by the impact the project has had and the community that has grown around it. Case in point, I've sent 4,287 of the 25,747 messages on the ODK mailing lists. For those who don't have a calculator handy, that's 16.65%!

These days, I'm CEO at Nafundi, a distributed company I co-founded that designs, builds, deploys, and supports mobile data collection systems that work well in challenging environments. At Nafundi, we mostly help clients customize and deploy ODK at scale and for social good.

Fun fact: I'm originally from :ghana: Ghana :ghana: and I've lived the longest time in the :us: United States :us:, but I'm not really based anywhere! I live out of a carry-on bag that holds all my possessions and I move every month or so. Over the last three years, I've spent most of my time living all over Central America, South East Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe. I've eaten many things in that time, and I must say, my favorite non-bacon food is mbuzi choma from Kenya. :fire: :goat: :fire:


Hi, I'm Bunhann from Phnom Penh (Cambodia).
I have been using ODK since 2015 which this tool was introduced by my manager.
You can find me on Twitter: @bunhann.


Hello World,
I am a technical writer and quality manager at EpiConcept SA, a 55-person French Public Health Information Systems company in Paris, France who principal founders come from MSF. We make custom information systems for regional and national institutes and agencies and international organisations, and have some very mature human resources applications for NGOs. We were delighted in 2012 to add ODK Collect compatibility to our simple on-line community data collection tool I think the work and approach of the ODK project started at the University of Washington is quite outstanding.


Hi Everyone,
I'm an ecologist from the UK, based at the Open University and working on all sorts of ecological things in this country and elsewhere. I got into ODK completely by chance, looking for tools to improve student data collection in the field. I've developed several small to medium-scale ODK projects myself for field surveys of environmental/ecological systems. The most ambitious is probably an ongoing survey of tropical forest trees for forest carbon assessments, carried out by high school students. I've also run training for students, other scientists and organisations on developing forms and running surveys with ODK.
You can catch me on Twitter: @Om_Phil . Apart from that and research papers I'm pretty anonymous.
Outside of data collection, I teach students, watch wildlife and climb hills.
Fun fact: I once accidentally ordered a delivery of 1000 Weetabix to the middle of the Guyanese rainforest.


Hi everyone! Michael Downey here from the United States. I've been an ODK fan & supporter for 8 years or so. As a long-time advocate of free & open source software in the international development space, I know just how valuable ODK is to the world. So it's great to see things growing and the launch of this new forum!

Currently, I'm the Director of Community for open source projects with for the Digital Impact Alliance at the United Nations Foundation. We're a new organization, but are eager to do all we can to support ODK and other similar projects. I'm looking forward to being part of the conversations here!



Hi, I am Mukund . I am from India. I have been involved in contributing code to the collect-code module of ODK so far. Favorite things to do is to hit the gym daily and also to code/work on diverse projects. See you around!!


Hi All--

I'm David McCann, typically based in Washington DC, USA! I'm interested in building things: teams, software products, and for the past year, a house (well rebuilding, technically). I got my main start in OSS for development/T4D while living in Uganda image and working for UNICEF on the RapidSMS platform. I've only recently had the opportunity to contribute to the ODK project in my role as Director of Technology for open source at the Digital Impact Alliance, and I look forward to becoming increasingly involved!


Hello! I'm Hélène (pronounced L-N). I've been following ODK with interest since its very beginnings at the University of Washington but I only started being actively involved in late 2016 when I joined Nafundi as CTO. Since then, I've been working on our various consulting projects and trying hard to make it easier for people new to ODK to contribute. One project I'm especially excited about is the Collect User Experience refresh that @Shobhit_Agarwal is working on this summer as part of Google Summer of Code. I'm his mentor but so far I think I've learned more from him than he has learned from me! :rocket:

You can find me on GitHub and Twitter.

I'm French-Canadian🇨🇦 but have been living in the US🇺🇸 for many years. In my off time, I like to eat, travel and sew my own clothes. To combine passions, I work on an app called Cora for keeping track of fabrics. My favorite savanna vegetarian is the warthog. :boar:


I'm an Associate Research Professor at U Connecticut. I study HIV prevention & treatment in sub-Saharan Africa & use ODK for multiple projects.


Hello. I am Clint. I've been working on ODK since 2009, as the primary developer and maintainer on Build. Around 400 commits later, somehow the tool is still alive and growing.

If you have any questions about or suggestions for ODK Build, please don't hesitate to reach out! The goal is to make Build as easy and fun to use as possible without sacrificing any core ODK functionality. If we aren't meeting that bar for you, please speak up!


Hi All! I'm Kate and I'm usually online as wonderchook. Chook is slang for chicken in Australian, so I'm kind of a super hero chicken.

I got interested in ODK when I was Executive Director of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and living in Indonesia. We were looking for better ways to collect data more efficiently in low bandwidth environments. I carried my interest in ODK to my job today as CTO of Cadasta. Cadasta builds technology to help communities document their land rights. We primarily use ODK-Collect as our mobile data collection tool and then upload the data directly into Cadasta's own platform.

I'm based in the US in a little town called Winlock in Washington State. Winlock is probably best known for being home to the World's Largest Egg. I just moved here so I can't take credit for the egg.


Hi Am Ayoub Kakande, based in Uganda, East Africa.
I have a master's in Enterprise Architecture, been doing data management in HIV research for past 12 years.
currently am using ODK on a number of projects one of which is a CDC project establishing a birth defect surveillance in 4 busy hospitals, midwives capture data in real time for all births 24/7, they use ODK collect, I set up a local server, I have scripts that automatically back up the data every midnight on an external server, I use briefcase CLS to automatically pull data from MYSQL everyday ready to be exported into STATA, where I run QC on a daily basis.
the other project, I use ODK to map patients who need follow up.
I really luv ODK as it has not only made my life easier but the help I get the ODK community is just mwaaaa


Hi. My name is Sid and I'm a engineering geologist from Sweden.

I have used ODK in various projects to collect field data since 2015. I have also helped with the Swedish translation of ODK Collect.


Good day all,
Am Bidemi a GIS analyst working with a Utility firm in Nigeria. Am pretty new to programming... so i'll ask for help alot coz am ready to learn. Thanks